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March 2013

Welcome to Joywithin, where you’ll find content management tips, refreshment reminders, encouragement and tropical lifestyle content for creative women. My name is indra and i’m writing you from Barbados where i live on a farm in the countryside on the south east of ‘Bim’ after taking a break from a life of travel.

After being a ‘hot footer‘ – always on the go, i’m enjoying things like learning how to grow food and cook better while hiking, fishing, and enjoying working in my cosy studio and commuting to a few select clients. As i write this, i’m freelancing as Documentation Specialist at a C.M.O – Collective Management Organization (for music pros), cataloguing the music library. Starting this blog at this time has helped me stop sulking (the location change is challenging sometimes) and start sharing the beauty of the island and joy in the everyday, with you right here.

Fun Facts:

  • enjoying life as a new creation
  • favourite drink, other than water is mauby. hot drinks anytime of day
  • i speak Spanish and a little French and Italian
  • half-Trini
  • fan of digital organization #Trello
  • travelled to 20 destinations (so far)
  • i have an eco & business 2nd hand bookstore
el balcรณn

Update: September 2020

Now living on the west coast

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Indra is a blogger, singer/songwriter and publishing entrepreneur from Barbados who started a blog that now reaches 85 destinations. Joyful Life|Creative Career shares content management steps, refreshment reminders, and career interviews. After pressing pause on a life of travel, she started working (mostly) from home and now shares steps for others who are ready to reset the pace of their life for the better. As a teen, she almost gave up on life. Now as a woman saved by grace, she lives joyfully with purpose, encouraging the overwhelmed, helping clients get digitally organized and recording from her home studio. Follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, guest features and tropical vlogs.

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