“Salybia & The Treasure Chest”

SALYBIA and The Treasure Chest – adventure e-book

“The bird’s call sounded an alarm on a quiet night. This time it was different. There was an urgency in it. Salybia jolted awake and got up from the straw mat she had been sleeping on and listened. Nothing. Even the crickets were silent. It was happening. The hunt was on. They would come for her tonight. She reflected on the dream she was having before being woken up. Images of running feet, spears, a net and a sensation of being chased, flooded into her consciousness. Suddenly, a monkey in a nearby tree sounded a quiet warning call. She recognized the nature signs her grandmother had taught her, and knew it would not be long before they came to the village. She must leave, and now. Her brothers lay curled up peacefully on a mat in the corner of the tent. Their parents had left by canoe at first light headed for the Sister Island to visit their Father’s uncle who was not well, and were to return just two moons away. Salybia and Caleb had been left in charge of taking care of their baby brother, under the supervision of an aunt and uncle who lived in the tent beside theirs. The toddler was asleep on the straw mat beside their older brother, who cradled the little one within the crook of his arm. Salybia crept over to wake Caleb, and covered his mouth so he would not sound his voice. She didn’t need to say a word. The look in his eyes when he saw her face told him that what they had been warned about since they were children was about to happen. “Get your canoe and take the baby to the Sister Island to Mama and Papa. Pack enough food, sap, and moringa for the two of you to travel with. Stay close to the springs and catch water to drink.” Salybia instructed. “I am heading into the forest to find The Sage.” “SALYBIA & The Treasure Chest”


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