Trees & flora of Queens Park, Bridgetown

A walk in the park…

Located at the edge of the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, Queens Park is a mostly-quiet park filled with trees, flowers and activities from time to time.

The grounds are sprinkled with bright beautiful flowers and majestic trees ( including a rare baobab ). At a time when a drought is on, and water shortage is a real-time challenge in most of the 11 parishes, flowers and trees stand strong surviving the conditions and sharing the gift of their existence.

a huge shak shak tree. Sometimes referred to as “women’s tongues” (interesting and educational analogy), the sound of shak shaks blowing in the breeze is a soothing lullaby
Tamarind Tree provides a healthy sweet-and-sour fruit, which comes in a thin brown shell, and is eaten as a healthy seasonal snack and flavour-filled ingredient to sauces, food and drink. Tangy to the taste and full of antioxidants and enriching nutrients. Be conscious of the seed in the center, alright? It isn’t edible but can be used in jewellery making. Just eat the pulp on the outside.

Although the grounds are maintained, there’s still room for improvement – for example, the waterless and a bit stained fountain at the main entrance, but there’s a mini esplanade where different rehearsals are sometimes going on, a man selling natural juices (at the front gate), a field with seasonal cricket matches, and the occasional sno-cone vendor travelling through.

The trees are a big part of the ambience for Queens Park that was once home to an art gallery and theatre.

It might not be the fanciest place to pass through in Bridgetown, but it is a sight to see still, and a quieter alternative to the main roads parallel to it.

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