Sea the beauty on the south-east of Barbados

Hiking Chronicles:

A bright, sunny day and beautiful journey on the south-east of ‘Bim.’ Sea breeze is therapeutic and walking barefoot on the sand the Most High made is energizing beyond the physical. The south east coast of the island is mostly rough but there are some areas (like Bath beach) and small bays here and there where it’s safe to go in the water, once you’re a good swimmer.

View of the land from a fishing boat. Shoutout to ‘Barber’ the captain who is in his 80’s.
Travelling from Conset Bay along the south east coast of Barbados ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
down Consett cliff (St. John) ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
An expanse of golden sand along a beach on the south-east of Barbados. At the water’s edge, traces of sargassum seaweed form a carpet, assembled by incoming waves.
~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
Archer’s ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
Tiny shells wash ashore with each wave, decorating the sand with flecks of pastel and white that sparkle in the sunlight. ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
As the breeze blows, the ☁️ clouds in the sky float by to the rhythm in the air. Like an artist’s brush dancing across cloth or canvas, the painting transforms with every breath in the blink of an eye. ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose
After a hike along the shore, then under a huge canopy of almond trees, up plenty stairs through a cluster of 🌳 trees, I passed a pasture sprinkled with these beautiful blades of grass bathed in the glow of evening sunlight. Enjoying the beauty of Creation and giving thanks for this day.

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    Here are some pics from nature walks and fishing adventures – wherever you are today, i hope you enjoy some sweet moments of refreshment in creation. Have a bright and beautiful day!

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