Sea-renity | Seawater, Sea Breeze, Sand & Scenery

Sea baths can be so refreshing and a sand scrub (with fine not gritty sand) can revivify the skin better than any man-made commercial product. Sea breeze is ambient medicine and deep breaths within its reach is often doctor-recommended for people recovering from respiratory challenges or coping with mobility ones. Just the other day, someone who was in the water had rested two crutches on the rocks so they could go soak in the water. The elders here know full well the benefits of a soak or swim in the sea (at least in this season before certain things kick in) – they also understand when something ‘looks funny’ whether it’s a suspicious cross current or thick passing sargassum and it’s best not to go in that day and walk on the sand instead. The sea is alive, and though it’s beautifully turquoise here for the most part, there are things in deep waters that don’t make mainstream media and so enjoying it responsibly is best.

In Barbados, sitting or parking by the beach at lunchtime or on evenings (sometimes without going in the sea) is a thing, just taking in the salt air and breeze coming off the water and of course the sound of the waves and view.

“Breeze was so strong, it pelt down a coconut tree 🌴

that now lies pun de sand right in front of me

It makes a natural border for a photo of incoming waves

while the trunk’s a natural seating to breathe, give thanks and praise”

A serene day at the beach, and the gift of soft sunlight and a rising moon. Though clusters of persistent sargassum seaweed still float across the sea, the beauty of the ocean still prevails.

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