Fishing files (Part 1)

Fishing 🎣 files. 

Catching the food you eat is an awakening experience. It starts with the thought, will and the journey (in this case, a cliff climb) to get to the spot. 
Then, it’s a welcome lesson in patience, proactivity, and a reminder of necessary faith in the Creator to provide our daily bread. Fishing is a beautiful combination of relaxation and excitement, and often involves some kind of hike, climb or walk. 

On the eastern side of Barbados. The south and west coast waters are pretty tranquil and even, while on the east, the waves are much more hype and the current, powerful.

Looking onto the endless expanse of seawater, breathing in fresh salt air, feeling the glow of the sunlight, watching the water dance without hesitation or siesta, observing the flight of many kinds birds and the bright blue canvas of the sky that transforms into a sheet of gold and orange with hints of purple at sunset.

On or around the water, which makes up most of this beautiful earth, yet accommodates room for land and its inhabitants, the majestic essence of God’s perfect handiwork is profoundly evident and unmatchable. 

👣 Every now and then, lungs invite a deep breath, which is so welcome you may realize you haven’t taken one that refreshing in awhile. Note to self: take deeper breaths of gratitude. Sometimes, toes are in the sand while fishing 🎣 – sometimes they’re perched on rocks so sharp that if you thought about it too long, you’ll remember to get those sneakers 👟 you promised to buy ‘every since,’ and at times feet are resting on tiny sea-smoothed stones and shells along the sand. 🐚 


Fish on! 


When you hear de shout, the joy that’s generated could power a moderately- sized boat ⛵️ , and  possibly all the lights in a small stadium. For me, it’s always a sweet surprise – not of my design even when it may seem that way, but it’s a gift granted by the Creator and fueled by prayer and faith by His grace in His perfect timing. The willingness to be present and focused and the effort made to start the venture of the day make the world of a difference. 

Fishing for food inspires a heightened sense of gratitude for the meal I’m blessed with to cook 🍴 and be nourished by. When you see what it took to receive what’s on your plate and realize that not everyone has food on the table, a heightened appreciation arises and for me this ushers in a time for prayer and thanksgiving. Enduring and enjoying the journey firsthand, witnessing and being a part of the process of hunting, gathering and preparing, to giving thanks moments before eating a filling, delicious and tasty meal from one of nature’s many supermarkets puts life in perspective and inspires joy, purpose and thanksgiving. 

Giving thanks for what we are about to receive takes of a whole new meaning and appreciation for the meals many of us can enjoy, and is proof of the many provisions we have been given on land, in the sky, earth and in the sea.


What about you? Do you fish and hunt or is the garden your supermarket? We’d love to hear about your own revelations on gratitude while watching food grow in front of your very eyes or searching for it in nature. 

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s post, and subscribe to our blog for more Creation highlights  and outdoor nature adventures. Still a whole lot more to learn about fishing and happy for the time to enjoy a fun and fit outdoor activity that results in food.

Ciao for now, and feel free to link us for a fishing adventure in Barbados. 

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