The Barbados I sea

Emerald and turquoise waters, blue sky, epic sunrises and ethereal sunsets.
On the east, the water is more active and current more powerful, than on the west coast. The terrain is outlined by cliffs and rocks, whereas on the west, golden sand is trimming along the water’s edge.
๐Ÿš shells and sea-smoothed stones ๐Ÿ’Ž are regular finds along the sand on some beaches. Like diamonds on the sand, we’re blessed with treasures delivered onto land daily by the Creator.

Shells and stones make beautiful jewellery, travel mementoes and art supplies. Each day, on shell-sprinkled shores, there’s a new supply of tesoros del mar– treasures of the sea. Barbados may not have gold or diamonds, but there’s an abundance of precious stones on the sands. I think I took this pic somewhere along the beach in St. John.

A beach in St. Philip decorated with fine, powder-white sand (perfect for a face & body scrub.) In the water, a barracuda swims by on the hunt for food. It was busy patrolling the low water back and forth for about 20 minutes.
Overlooking Freights Bay surf spot, at sunset.
Popular sea-bathing and paddle-ball spot on the south coast of the island, ‘Enterprise Beach,’ (more known as Miami Beach) offers both a “high” and “low” side. One with – you guessed it, high and deeper waters (stronger current) and the other (separated by a small strip of raised land and lifeguard tower) a smaller bay-like area with crystal clear calm water. Located about 100 steps from fish-fry spot, Oistins, this beach makes a good fun-day venue for nationals and visitors alike.ย 

There’s a reason the planet is made up of mostly water. Fresh air, the beach and seawater stimulate good health, inspire gratitude, more purposeful breathing, a lighter brighter attitude and serves as a reminder of the magnificence of Creation.

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Indra is a Barbados born writer, singer and publishing entrepreneur who started a blog that now reaches 75 destinations. She shares content management tips, refreshment reminders and interviews. The multilingual homecook works (mostly) from home after pressing pause on a life of travel. As a teen, she almost gave up on life. Now as a woman saved by grace, she lives joyfully with purpose, encouraging the overwhelmed, producing content for Joyful Life | Creative Career and hosting outdoor breathwork sessions for singers, busy CEOs & corporate teams. Follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, guest features and tropical vlogs.

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