Homemade stir-fry veg and bonito basmati.

Dish: Stir-fry veg and bonito basmati.

Prep time: 55 minutes

• Catch or buy fresh bonito.

• Cube and add lime/lemon and salt.

• Lightly rinse fish, massage in homemade or store-bought seasoning, curry spices and sprinkle salt to taste.

• Add basmati rice to pot of boiling water, and cook.

• Place fish in fridge to marinate. When seasoning coats fish, remove.

Bought these okras and onions from the market.

• Wash and dice 1 medium onion, 5 okras, fresh herbs and a thin slice of scotch bonnet pepper. (Bonito can be marinated for as long as you like to let flavours set. I start frying a batch of cubes midway into rice prep, so both fish and stir-fry veg are ready at the same time as the rice is.

• Light stove and place frying pan/skillet on a burner with a light dose of oil.

• Prepare bowl of flour mixed with special curry spice powder blend.

• Dab each piece of fish on all sides in bowl of dried flour blend.

I use a homemade curry 🍛 blend for a spicy flavours to add to the basmati rice.

• When oil is sizzling, add bonito cubes. Fry until golden-medium brown all round. Remove and set aside.

• Drain rice and set aside in covered casserole dish.

• To existing hint of oil in pan, add chopped herbs, onions and okras, then a tiny sprinkle each of curry and black pepper. Stir-fry until okras are compressed and lightly bronzed.
• Mix in warm rice. Stir-fry.

• Add fried bonito cubed and stir well. (I finely chop a few so each plate has the bonito flavour.)
• Serve with salad and enjoy.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear from you when you try this recipe. Next in the menu is green banana and black bean casserole and fish 🍝 pasta!

Fish pasta, green banana and black bean casserole, and curry-spice fried barracuda.

Ciao for now! 

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