Fish pasta pie recipe


Thanks for checking out my first recipe post. I hope you liked it and got a chance to try it out for yourself. Here’s a new one for you. I’ll be posting this recipe series in 3 parts (as you can see, the photo collage has 3 dishes – this is recipe #1):

Fish Pasta Pie (serves 3):

* Pre-heat oven (as when baking a casserole.) *Prepare fish (lime and salt for a few mins. then wash and massage in seasoning. *Set in a clean casserole dish placed in fridge, to marinate. *Put tri-colour veggie pasta to cook in bubbling hot water. Add a dash of salt, and a few tiny drops of oil or butter to prevent pasta from sticking to pot. *Chop 1 and 1/2 onions, 1 sweet pepper, 2 stalks of fresh chives, a sprinkle of freshly chopped parsley, a little rosemary, 1 clove of garlic, and basil. * Empty the contents of 1 can of chunk light tuna into a clean bowl, and add 1/2 of veggies and herbs. Stir. Feel free to include a diced slice of red pepper. * With a trace of oil in pan, stir-fry remaining onion, garlic and sweet pepper for 3 mins. or until aroma resonates in kitchen, then add contents of bowl with tuna to frying pan. Stir-fry for 3 mins. Set this aside in a new bowl, and cover. *Remove seasoned fish from fridge, while pasta is cooking, and fry in same pan. Shred fish afterwards. * Drain pasta when ready with tap water (or cold to stop pre-heat simmering process.) * With a paper towel, wipe away any excess (or dark) oil in frying pan/wok. *Over a low heat, add pasta and stir-fry in the tuna, which now includes curry spices and black pepper (from saute earlier), as well as shredded fried fish (no bones – remove any at start or buy boneless steaks.) * Add a small spoon of garlic butter, a healthy dash of sauce from fresh tomatoes/ketchup, and half a block of grated New Zealand cheddar cheese. *Stir well, making sure shreds of fish and enough veggies are evenly mixed in with pasta. *Add this to a pre-greased casserole dish, and place in oven with cover on, * Bake for 45 mins. (You can add a top layer of cheddar and jalapeno cheese to your fish pasta pie, and remove casserole dish cover for last 5 mins. of baking. *When ready, put on oven mitts or use a cloth to safely remove hot dish from oven. Set on a grill surface to cool for 10-12 mins. * Slice through top layer of melted cheese and through slightly simmering veggie and fish-filled pasta to add your portion to a plate lightly decorated with salad. *Enjoy, thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to your comments when you try this Fish Pasta Pie dish. Next up – green banana and black bean casserole and fried barracuda.

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