Outdoor climbs and beautiful OCEAN views In Barbados (South EAST COAST)

Walking and climbing have become a natural part of my life; adventure-filled journeys across different terrain, in all kinds of weather, from as early as the first birds sound their voices and the sun ☀️ starts to peek through clouds on the vast eastern sky.

Are you into walks or hikes? The slow discovery of things otherwise missed (or not noticed) while zooming by in a car? Well, here is a photo tour from some of my outdoor adventures on the south east of Barbados. These views aren’t on the front pages of travel magazines, in hotel brochures or advertised on tv/online, but they’re still a beautiful part of life on this island in The Caribbean.

Hikes along smooth roads and sometimes down and up rocky and steep hills. It’s about 100ft skate and shimmy down a rocky slope to get to the spot on the south east in this pic. Along with the refreshing exercise in the fresh air, there are so many beautiful views of, and moments in creation to be thankful for.
Archer’s Bay. Barbados is known for lovely beaches with golden sand and crystal-clear water, but not so much is shared about the eastern side of the island where terrain, activities, and seawater are concerned. It’s walks through cool canopies formed by touching trees, hikes along tiny trails and down steep hills, with breath-inspiring views of perfection all designed by God – for us. His power and kindness are evident in the brilliance of nature, and the in the huge mass that is the wild ocean.
Little pools shaped by waves as they roll in with a thunderous roar, towards the rocks.
A flock of sweetly singing birds (you’ll hopefully hear them soon) have made their home amidst the cluster of trees perched at the top of this hill.
When you reach the location and take a moment to observe the motion of the water, a wave of gratitude and feeling of victory at having reached safely fills the mind and soul.
A view of the land from a fishing boat. These contours make up the edges seen on the map. Amazing to picture how small we are from above, and how large we often seem to ourselves.
The mission: climbing down to reach the spot of the day. Tiny trails through sea grape trees, facing a massive body of vibrant ocean, sometimes sprinkled with passing fishing boats ⛵️

Though born here, I learned that there is so much more to learn about the island, just by walking. Also, in terms of health and fitness, all the climbing, bobbing and weaving up and down tracks through trees and leaves, taking in fresh air, it’s all good for the mind, body and your overall well-being.

So the next time you find yourself wishing you had gym fees, or are tempted to feel bored, stifled or disenchanted being on a ‘small island’, try taking a walk and see how refreshed, alive and grateful you feel.

It will inspire, brighten and set the tone for your day!

Safety tip: Let your (close) people – not social media – know which road or roads you plan on taking, time you’re leaving or what area you’ll be in, walk with water or some cash to buy some along the way, and don’t venture off by yourself unnecessarily.

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3 thoughts on “Outdoor climbs and beautiful OCEAN views In Barbados (South EAST COAST)

  1. Breathtaking! You’re so right, dear sister, walking in nature, makes us alive and grateful. Love, c.

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