Art gardening with JulBe

“Gardening gives me great joy!” ~ JulBeArtGardens

Photos from this lovely and elegant lady’s beautiful and bountiful garden decorate social media, showcasing food and flowers grown with love.

Here is the first guest post on this ‘Joy within‘ blog, by Instagram gardening sensation, a gracious gem of a lady, Julia Benn. Join us on a journey that shares her inspiration and lovely photos from her Garden and beautiful spaces she Designs .


“Having grown up on a farm in St. Peter, managed by my grandfather, a horticulturalist and choir director, I’ve always had a natural interest in organic gardening and botany.

My grandfather Unis Benn not only grew vegetables, but his flowers were absolutely stunning. When the movie ‘Island In The Sun‘ was being filmed in the late fifties, the producers, who would pass Jerusalem Farm daily on their way to Farley Hill, had asked Grandfather if they could use his gigantic red croton hedges as props for the set. He flatly refused as it meant he would have had to dig them up.

Of course, my grandmother and aunts wished he had agreed, but he was not interested in removing his crotons that he had worked so diligently on cultivating. He was my biggest influence in becoming an avid gardener. His dedication and attention to detail impressed me immensely.

My late aunts Jasmay and Mayverne, my uncles John Orville and Lloyd, my late Grand-Mother Rosalee Carter were all amazing gardeners. So it’s fair to say that gardening is in my genes. I learnt so much just by watching them.

I started my first garden after moving from New York to Ohio in 2000, when I got my first home. It was important to me as a lifelong student of food and nutrition, to grow and use organic produce for my recipes.

I joined the National Home Gardener’s Club in 2001 and have been hooked ever since. I now reside in Delaware where all of these photos were taken.

I am an Interior Designer by trade and follow the same principles, when creating my gardens. Aesthetics, colour, scale, texture, mood, energy, spirit are all considered in my interiors, as well as in my gardens.

Thanks, Julia, for sharing your beautifully inspiring gardening and interior designing journey with us.

To you, our cherished readers, take a moment to witness the fruit of JulBe’s hand and heart firsthand on:
Facebook and Instagram: JulBeArtInteriors & JulBeArtGardens

Hope you enjoyed this joy-filled art gardening journey with our first guest blogger, Julia Benn. Visit her social media pages for more beautiful images, and remember to show some love by clicking like or leaving a kind comment. Thanks mucho, and joyful gardening! Chime in and let us know what gifts you’re growing.

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    1. Hi Mai, JulBe’s gardening journey surely is inspiring and the photos are all hers except the one of her, taken by her step son, Cayden. Thanks for sharing and have a bright day.

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