Strength in the storms & compassion in crisis

Over the last few days, I’ve felt compelled to write something – say something, about the past, present and oncoming storms and hurricanes which are directly affecting so many people.

As with the physical loss of a person, there really is no one script and sometimes words can unintentionally sprinkle salt into an already-aching wound. There are instances when silence and presence does it and other times, an invitation to share, immediately followed by a listening and patient ear is welcome. All of this swam around for a bit until I prayed about it, and asked for the words to share.

Prayers for strength in the Lord to rise up in the hearts of all who are yearning to be courageous in crisis…for compassion to be jumpstarted in the hearts of all who can reach out in prayer and deed…for care to be continual as we heed God’s instruction to love and encourage each other regardless of colour, class, and location.

Prayers for all the displaced people now seeking refuge in other islands and countries…for the little ones…the men and women who suffered in the storm…for the ones awaiting oncoming weather…hold on to the strength of the Lord, for strength of our own design doesn’t stand the test of time and tends to be influenced by moods and circumstances…the power of the Most High is constant – never changes, and is eternal.

As info comes in, this post will feature various ways to reach out in prayer and lend a helping hand.

To all those affected by these recent and oncoming storms and hurricanes, compassion and prayers go up for you. You are not alone.


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