Power of prayer


Power is a thing we humans seem to crave in some way or another, yet true power resides in and resonates from one source – God – the One who had, has and shall always have the power to truly create…to imbue life into.

By His grace He grants us power in prayer, a direct call to His divine hotline and help desk. What a massive gift, honour and lifeline.

Many times in many ways we are instructed through The Word to love, encourage, forgive, be patient with and pray for each other. Not once is preying ON others described as a good thing.

There is power in prayer. I for one give thanks for godly friends who prayedfor me even when it wasn’t invited or much appreciated. I don’t know about you but prayer is an anchor for me and reassures me of God’s presence while reminding me that He cares and His unfailing love never expires. Do I remember this consistently? Nope. Yet another reminder that I need to lean on the Lord and look to His Word for hope, strength, encouragement through His promises and His call to action to pray without ceasing,

More than ever, global evidence of a constant need for encouragement , inspiration, hope and help pops up on a daily basis in one form or another. We like to say “help is on the way” which implies that it springs forth from us as the original source. Help comes through us because it is given TO us by the purest source of help, the Creator. Help is already here, and has always been there. All help comes from God. I’ve been watching live coverage of the hurricanes and storms passage and whenever the temptation to feel despair comes up, am reminded that there’s no need to feel helpless. So I pray, for the little ones, the elderly, the men, women, pets and their safety knowing all help is rooted in and springs forth from the Lord who is more than able.

Psalm 121:1-2

1. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
2. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Love Him, lean on Him, and let’s remember especially during these earth crises, that if electricity dwindles or goes off, the Light of the world that is Jesus {John 8:12} and the Word that is a lamp, shall forever shine bright. {Psalm 119:105} Let’s remember that though taps may run dry, the living water of the Lord shall forever flow and has the power to wash away sin, cleanse hearts and wipe away our tears.

Praise God! Now and every day.

see the light

He is perfect and gracious. He grants us a way of reaching Him through prayer, thanksgiving and service…He is always there – never busy, bored or aloof. “He is a very present help in trouble.” He is omnipresent – there during praise, through seasons of both joy and grief, there to seek refuge and find comfort and also throughout spiritual warfare. There whether we or forgetful, inspired or ungrateful. He IS present and cares for us! Wowww. Talk about LOVE!

So let us pray FOR each other; encourage and uplift one another – all for His glory and our good by His grace.

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Coming up: it’s time for celebrating sisters, featuring a guest post by…(drumroll)… Carlie Pipe.

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