Mini-meal: Black bean wrap recipe

It’s official. Wraps are a new addition to one of the many mini meals I enjoy making.

They’re more filling than a soup

At the moment, I use tortilla wraps as the casing for the homemade filling. Black beans have a potato-ish consistency that works well in stews, patties, and veggie burgers, especially when steamed and ground with a fork.

No offence to the fork and knife, but sometimes I enjoy food that requires a grateful pair of clean hands or a chopsticks. And this case, it’s a wrap!

black beans are rich in nutrients and hormones, including estrogen.

As a wrap filler, left as a whole bean, they make pleasant flavour-filled accents in each scrumptious bite. Here’s how you can make your own black bean wrap in 5 steps!


Tortilla wraps (1 per person)

1 can of black beans

1/2 jar or artichoke hearts

5 diced baby corns (or 1/2 can corn)

Fresh herbs

3 finger pinch of salt

Curry spices

1/5 red pepper (finely diced)

2 tbsp of olive oil (or butter)

Parmesan cheese (to preference)

7 tiny capers or 3 chopped green olives

1 onion (diced)

  1. Heat tortilla wraps on a hot greased tawa or in a skillet of 1 tbsp oil. Lightly let golden bronze on both sides. Watch closely; this happens quickly.

2. Open can of black beans, and empty contents into a glass bowl. Add fresh herbs and some of the spices; stir for 5 seconds. Cover, and let it sit.

3. In same skillet or wok, add 1 tbsp of olive oil. When it starts to simmer, add diced onion, some fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of curry. Smell that aroma? Yum! Add the beans (with mixed herbs & brine), and stir in with lightly bronzing onions on medium heat.



4. Add a dash of black and white pepper, and sauté for 3-5 minutes, stirring lightly. Add a tbsp of water or homemade salsa to ensure a lovely consistency.

5. Let cool. Place in center of each wrap, add Parmesan, roll if you like, or scoop up and enjoy!

Black bean wraps make a light brunch; not too light so you’ve eaten but feel hungry still, and not too heavy that you feel paunched.

A little relish adds a twang to the wrap especially when it’s rolled 🌯 , burrito-style where each bite brings a sweet surprise.

Anyone have a preference for fish dishes? No worries.


You can make a fish filling for your wrap in just a few minutes more. I made a filling with fresh boat-caught barracuda, fresh herbs, and relish. Yummm.
Feel free to give this recipe a try, and share how your cooking journey is coming along. Have fun on the way.

Every day is a gift, so let’s cherish the moments we’re given.



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