The journey of journaling: steps to start and maintain one

Journaling, journaling, journaling.

A workout for the writing mind.

There’s a connection that takes place when thoughts meet paper through the instrument of a pen, and direction of a willing hand.

A journal is a kind of map 🗺, and can have different purposes. On that note, I’d love to share the new design of Creation Living journals to be launched in the 2nd week of November. Click the Contact page to pre-order your copy. (By post for shoppers outside of Barbados.)


Would you like to journal, but aren’t sure what to write, where to start, or how to maintain the exercise? Meditate on it a bit, and consider what kind of journal you’re willing to get started on, and why. The reason for writing will help inspire a regime. You may want to chronicle your life, list goals, or eventually gift your journal to a loved one. Find out your “why,” and it will inspire you to start, and maintain a rhythm.

The more I grow as a writer, the more I understand the importance of words, the value in learning how to align them, as well as the timing to assign. Some to be written; some to be vocalized.

img_3508At the moment, I’ve got two; one for bible verses, prayers, and lyrics to inspired songs, and another as a daily agenda book and idea planner.

 Scripture lines the front and back covers to clarify my plans as secondary to God’s plan – the beginning and end. He is the author and finisher. When my wants align with God’s will, by His grace, there is a way!

img_2369As you write, you’ll find  the best rhythm.You can decide on  a  timing that inspires consistency and compels you to reach for your journal. Through the years, my journals transformed from jam-packed outpourings of emotions, and endless to-do lists, to the two specific ones mentioned above. 1. Prayer Journal 2. Agenda book

with sprinkles of songs, goals, and recipes.



Journaling isn’t a competitive exercise. It’s a step by step blossoming of the fruit of your hopes, thoughts, and words. Every now and then I get asked about creating a journaling regime. Please know I used to keep stacks and boxes of journals as they accumulated over time, but when I woke up to a new me, there was no place for those words, ways, and patterns of the past. In this new season, the focus is on prayers and thanksgiving. Sweet news! You are free to decide what’s on the menu of your mind, and what you’d like to write about.

Here are some questions I hope will get your creativity cooking when considering starting your own journal:

• Are you a “morning person?” What time of the day is your mind most alert?

• Would you like to have a written or typed journal? If written, treat yourself to a sweet set of multi-coloured pens, a sharpie, highlighters, stickie notes, a fresh journal, and whatever stationery supplies you like. If typed, decide on the programme you’ll be using (on desktop, laptop, or phone.)

• Where would you like to journal? You might like to write while in bed, on the balcony, or at a nearby cafe.

• Do you have a post online, poem on a paper, or message in your heart that inspires you to expand on? 

• What is the nature of your journal – is it to log prayers, plans, reasons to give thanks, a means of expressing yourself, a desire to chronicle moments, identify goals, or a place to draw, doodle, and design?
The rhythm of your writing is totally up to you. In the case of Gratitude / Prayer Journals, they are visual declarations of truth.

Decide on the best approach for you. Be patient yet proactive. Whether chronicling your thoughts, writing recipes, mapping out the day, or simply expressing yourself, remember each entry is a stepping stone along your journaling journey.

One page at a time, journaling can become as natural as brushing your teeth. It also inspires us to become better listeners as we learn to talk less, and tune in more. Writing the things we are grateful for helps us to appreciate others and the gift of life more.


Enjoy your journaling journey joyfully, my sweet friend. 

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