Cooking is creativity: become the artist of your kitchen.

There’s a kind of gratitude that’s stirred up when you prepare meals at home (for yourself or loved ones) with your own hands.

Enjoying the gift of being served is sweet too, whether at a deli, restaurant, street food stall or friend’s house. Still, I’m also thankful for moments spent cooking, being involved in the preparation process, deciding on the best combination of flavours, learning how to use different appliances, and decorating the plate like a canvas of colour. The meal is the bonus.

curry, spices & fresh herbs

A kitchen can be a quiet space, a learning center and a dance floor. 

Another beautiful thing is, you can design the space and set the tone to inspire your cooking journey.

Spices, flavours, aromas, colours! 

You don’t need all the ingredients in the world to start.

Be innovative, creative, patient, and proactive. Cooking is one of the ways we can show love.  It’s an expression of nurturing and a reminder of provision.

There are moments when we might not be in the ‘mood’ to start the pot, but with a little gratitude for what we’ve got, we’ll be pleasantly surprised at the meals that can manifest by the fruit of our hands when we give it a shot.

What inspires your cooking journey?

See more homecooking pics here

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