GRATITUDE booster: pump up the joy!

Have you ever looked around and within, and realized you have a lot to be grateful for?

Maybe you struggle with gratitude most during challenging seasons, moments of confrontation, and unexpected trials.

Thankfulness is a daily exercise for all of us. Our attitude of gratitude often wavers, and we celebrate most when things we desire manifest. This is something I’m praying and meditating on, having realized I need to be more consistent in recognizing,  acknowledging, and celebrating my blessings over focusing on challenges.

Being contented with what we have, while aspiring for what we hope for, reflects and attitude of gratitude and confidence that all things will work out for the good at the appointed time. For me, placing confidence in God informs, reassures and inspires me that wherever I am along the timeline of His plan, I am to be grateful.


It took awhile for the concept of blogging to spark a light in my mind. Four years ago, the realization that I’d traveled about 2 times in 2 years woke me up to the fact that was the longest time I’d ever stayed on the island of my birth – ever!

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Planes were no stranger to me since childhood, and suddenly, on a beautiful island in the sun, I felt absolutely claustrophobic! Interesting for someone who has spent eons behind microphones in enclosed vocal booths. It was as if I couldn’t breathe; there wasn’t enough room to travel; or was there? I thought about it, and considered my ingratitude. Had I truly explored all this island had to offer?

Had I taken the time to explore the hills, valleys, gaps, and surrounding waters? The answer was no. How could I call myself a traveler if I hadn’t thought to fully explore the environment I was in. This was a much-needed wake-up call. After all, at the moment, I live on an island that’s a popular travel destination. Wherever you are, there’s plenty of pluses around you too. The key is in the way we ‘see’ what we have, and where we are.

Hiking became a regular activity; not just something to do in between hours of driving and a bazillion sessions and meetings. Oh, the joy of discovering all I’d missed zipping by in smooth wheels…the dancing leaves, sunrises and sunsets rising and gliding across a beautiful sky, and birds pausing for impromptu visits. This blog is the fruit of that vision, and each day I’m amazed at how it blossoms and reaches so many people around the globe. (11,368 from March 2013 to now.) What started as a one page blog with a few nature pics, is now something much more.

No matter where you are or what you have, start, give it your energy, attention, care, and zest…and watch it grow and hopefully inspire others.

Now that I’m in a new season where a lot of time is spent online through my business, daily gratitude is still key. Though the day’s activities are different from days in the countryside, gratitude is a must for:

  • a healthy attitude
  • peace of mind beyond any circumstances
  • appreciation of blessings
  • forward focus
“In everything, give thanks.”

What are you grateful for? Do you write about it? I’m a work in progress, and give thanks for time to make a new step each day. We may not wake up “sunny-side up” every day, but we each have the opportunity to dig deep and discover something to be grateful for. Take a deep breath…that’s #1. It’s a start! Today, let’s take a moment to re-discover and appreciate the gifts we have, whether it’s purpose, people, or places. A thankful heart is a magnet for miracles and sweet surprises.


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