Easy-to-make mini meal: Spinach Soup


Here’s a step by step easy-to-make mini meal you can enjoy on the spot, or store in a portable hot cup to sip while on-the-go.

Sometimes we want a light something that’s more filling than a cup of tea or coffee, yet not as heavy as a full meal; y’know what I mean?

I like soupHow about you?

In The Caribbean, where the volume of the sun is turned all the way up on most days, drinks like coconut water, local mauby, fresh lemonade, and golden apple juice are sweetly refreshing. Still, there’s nothing quite like the cosy comfort of a cup of tea, coffee, or soup as a pleasant interlude between major meals…even on a hot sunny day. Soup is even more delicious on rainy days. This one’s very easy to make, so it’s no fuss to get fed.

Here’s the recipe for SPINACH SOUP

I’ve made it just twice so far, but my-oh-my was it yummy – and thankfully – nutritious! Are you a soup fan too? When last did you have or make a bowl for yourself and friends?

Spinach is full of phytonutrients, low in calories, and 100g of it makes up 25% of our daily intake of iron. It’s packs one of the highest nutrient punches in the leafy veggie family.

First, in a skillet or pot with 1 1/2 tbsp of olive oil, temper the seeds (fennel, rosemary), then spices (curry, garam masala, black pepper) and when the flavor hits the room and seeds start popping, add some coriander, red pepper, and a salad seasoning to the mix.
It may not be the cutest contents of a cup you’ve ever seen, but the taste is full of flavour and rich in iron.

Add thinly sliced spinach to the skillet or frying small pot, sprinkle salt to taste, and stir. I let the spinach sit in a black bean broth in the fridge for a few hours, to absorb the flavour beforehand. To give the green a bit more body, scrunch some pre-cooked beans and it’ll have a thicker consistency; more of a soup than a broth. Coconut milk would be perfect in this too, once you can get some. If you have spinach in a can or a froze pack, that works well for this simple soup too.

Let this simmer on medium heat for a few minutes (less than 5), remove from heat, and pour into a large cup or bowl ideal for soup sipping.


Enjoy! Feel free to share your experience with this recipe, and thanks for joining me on a joyful cooking journey.

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Ciao for now, and thanks for reading!

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