Vocal-Care tips for Speakers, Djs, Podcasters & Vocalists (Part I)

Is your voice key in your career?

A lot of artists send emails, or call to ask for practical home remedies and exercises to relieve sore throat a.s.a.p, help a cold/flu fly by quickly, or prepare the voice for rigorous 🎸 rehearsals, live performances, upcoming 🎙recording sessions, and early morning interviews. I do my best to answer these questions based on first-hand insight from 15+ years in the music industry, and through research and tips shared by artists along the way.

Here’s an excerpt from the FREE e-book that’s outfitted with helpful tips you can apply to polish your pipes starting today.

Vocal-CARE 101 – an essential handbook for Speakers, Djs, Podcasters & Vocalists

Sound is vibration, and the voice is an instrument. If sends a signal – or vibration, into a space or to a recipient, while delivering a message.

Being aware of the sonic vibrations we send to others gives insight into the healthy ways we can approach using our voice. After all, the voice takes its cue from our thoughts, so in order to help the voice reach its full potential, we must clear any clutter from the mind so that it can sprout and nurture healthy and positive thoughts, and the voice will respond in kind.

This info is not intended to provide medical advice; it’s based on firsthand insight as a professional recording/touring vocalist, narrator, and vocal coach, plus research with other marathon artistes.

Tips & natural remedies:

– sea-water / warm salt water (gargle 1 small cup repeatedly, only in the case of sore throat, which ideally will not happen.)

– swimming, power-walking, and jogging help open up the lungs, and boost vocal endurance.

– lime / lemon / fresh bayleaf tea to jumpstart and open the vocals in the morning, especially to remove any phlegm. 🍋 Have a glass of room-temperature or lukewarm water within half an hour.

– stretch! A tense neck is a recipe for a strained throat. Keep the body limber and free from stress on any level. Slow and steady pronounced stretches, holding positions for 20-30 seconds each, helps ‘open up’ the chest, and rib cage and gently re-align the body

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