Hand painted tropical home decor art

Painting is meditation in motion; it’s a dance of the body and brush…an exercise for the mind.

Painting is a language…a way of expressing a sentiment or message.
Thanks to The Caribbean Champions of Colour for sponsorship of paints for the premiere of my ‘tropical home decor line. I enjoy painting pieces for homes, sets, hotels. This line was featured at C.A.R.I.F.E.S.T.A in Haiti 2015, on set for the “Crop-Over Read-In,” The Cuban Embassy, and at the 90 Artist collective exhibition, held at Manor Lodge. I’ve been blessed with many sales and satisfied customers, all from colorful decor pieces painted on natural material from tropical trees.
Acrylic painting on wood


3 1/2 – 6ft tall home decor pieces. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind design, and is gently baked in the sun after painting. To refresh any room in seconds, flip it over for a complimenting design. You’re welcome to request a particular colour palette for individual pieces and theme sets (5 pieces.) Medium art piece: Usd.$75. | Large (4-6ft.): Usd. $275. | Theme Set (5 pieces): Usd.1,100. 1. Pay for this item online 2.Take a screen shot as proof of purchase 3. E-mail: islandmoonstudio@gmail.com and send screenshot   
painted on natural ‘canvas’ from material found at the base of trees. These are durable and have a good tolerance for sunshine and light rainfall. You can set these on a large table, or stand them in a corner of any room, as an accent piece to brighten the space.  1. Pay for this item online 2.Take a screen shot as proof of purchase 3. E-mail: islandmoonstudio@gmail.com and send screenshot   

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Theme sets available by special request.

E-mail: islandmoonstudio@gmail.com

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Hi, I'm Indra, blogging from Barbados. Here you’ll find content tips for your creative career, refreshment reminders for everyday life, and nature views from around the island. I'm a writer, singer, blogger and publishing consultant who now works mostly from home after pressing pause on a life of travel. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose and encouraging the overwhelmed through words and music. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts.

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