A Seed of Kindness: tenderness in a tough world

Tenderness in a tough world.  

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Kindness is on my mind. Can you remember what it felt like when you were shown kindness when it was least expected or received from an “unlikely” person? I’m sure you’ve been both the giver and receiver of this beautiful gift called kindness. It can bring refreshment,  encouragement…humility and gratitude, and is something that awakens the tender side of even the coldest of hearts.

Kindness doesn’t originate from us, but we are loaned this essence of compassion that rises up to take action and bless others. There have been many moments when kindness was immediate; it didn’t take half of a second to contemplate giving, and unfortunately, there have been times when I’ve had to remind myself in or after the moment, that kindness is a part of our calling.

It doesn’t depend on whether I feel like it today, or not. It’s not about me; it’s about reaching out to those in need. It’s one of those traits we often take for granted.

As a receiver of kindness, I pause to consider the flood of kind deeds that have decorated my life. Were people always in the mood to listen, share, help? Probably not; but many did take the time and express the care…to be there. The very fact that we are still here on earth, is a deed of kindness and grace beyond our imagination.

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32)

A kind deed, done out of the purest place in the heart…without expectation or self-celebration…lasts much longer than the moment it takes to be kind.

Reach out to someone in need today, whether through an encouraging word, a meal, prayer, an attentive ear, phone call to say hi, helping an elderly or differently abled person cross the street, making a considerate donation, offering shelter, or babysitting for a friend who’d like a siesta.

Kindness is essential to the pulse of life. It opens a door through which blessings flow from one to another and another…and another. No matter what we are growing through, there are many who are faced with challenges heavier than the burdens we may bear. Kindness and encouragement harmonize to brighten the atmosphere, take us out of self, and lead us to remember, recognize, and reach out to others out of a place called compassion. It’s in those tender-hearted moments that we experience a higher connection with The Creator. We are a part of something bigger and better than ourselves, just by pausing to observe, recognize, care, and do something.

I’m grateful to God for being placed in circumstances at specific times. He can choose and use anyone to fulfil His purpose that far exceeds all of our brightest dreams. Thankful to be present when that baby was about to crawl across a busy road over 10 years ago…when that old man, drunk with drink fell backwards into the water that night while fishing…when a young adult mother needed someone to care for her toddler while she worked on her temper…humbled, encouraged and inspired. I’m so thankful for those who intervened along the way, and reached out with a kind word, deed, or a listening ear. God can certainly choose and use anyone to fulfil His purpose that exceeds all of our dreams.


Be a blessing…for we are blessed. Giving thanks for those whom have blessed me with the gift of kindness.


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