Prayer journal walk-through (pics)

Sometimes evidence of my own imperfection brings disappointment, but I’m reminded that we can neither surprise or impress God Who knows everything and Whose love is everlasting and patient grace abundant. We’re given the blessing of an invitation to connect, share, confess, rejoice, declare, and request through prayer. What a gift!

Prayer-journaling helps to approach each day with a thankful heart. This year is my first in dedicating an entire book solely for noting and memorizing Scripture, listing things to be grateful for, and sharing the many ways God is good.


Are you into journaling too? 



I look forward to it, and like to start early, when the sound of birds singing filters through the window. Reading The Word and writing prayers daily, sure don’t make me perfect…but it does remind me of God’s perfect love. I’m a work in progress, as is this prayer journal.

On that note, here are some pics from mornings and moments of focused thanksgiving:



Dear Father, thank You for You. Help me to love my enemies, and nurture the fruit of the Spirit.
Being contended with what we have and where we are – not complacent. Contented, trusting that God’s love surround us. His supply is enough, abundant, promised, and punctual.


Embedding my first thoughts for the morning with prayers and God’s promises, sets the tone for the rest of the day.
Whatever happens along the way, having the comfort and armour of God’s Word remains an anchor of hope, joy, courage, faith, protection, everlasting love, and truth.
Every day doesn’t always feel fabulous; making an effort to give thanks and remember how blessed, loved, and equipped we are makes the world of a difference into how we approach each day we’re gifted.
stickie notes come in handy for noting lessons that can be summed-up in one or a few words.



Sometimes, I might be a bit tender or tempted to be tired; that’s why the everlasting and unchanging essence of The Word is essential in greeting the day.

Saturating the mind in The Word and allowing the fruit of it to be absorbed helps to convict me of thoughts and things I need to address, hold up to the light, and have transformed by truth.

It keeps Scripture fresh on the mind and mouth when sharing encouragement or comforting a friend in need. God’s Word doesn’t waver like we tend to. It is constant and consistent, and we can be confident in its essence.


I’d to hear about your prayer journal journey. Feel free to share.

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