Natural skin-care products to revitalize, exfoliate, and refresh! Innovative entrepreneur creates a product line

Sometimes you meet someone in childhood, and years later witness their evolution into a creative and innovative entrepreneur. This is one of those times.

It’s with great joy that I introduce a line of skincare products made and sold by Janelle James, founder of ‘The Alchemist.’

Entrepreneur and the face behind this natural skin-care line, Janelle James. Visit her business online to view and request products.

Natural skin-care products to revitalize, exfoliate, and refresh!

I’ve been looking for a scrub to revitalize my skin. Did you read the blog post on my previous challenge with skin, and why skincare is important in my daily regime. Though my ultimate face technique is to use beach sand on both face and body, I no longer live steps away from the sea and need a product that:

  • has natural ingredients, and isn’t overly doctored
  • removes dry skin effectively
  • gives my skin a refreshed look while maintaining moisture
  • is reasonably priced and available
  • has some grit to it, without being too abrasive
  • smells lovely, yet isn’t too potent

Gift Baskets of ALL sizes for SALE prices ranging from $ 15.00 to $ 150.00 call The Alchemist Shop 838 – 5746 ask for Janelle or visit @thealchemistshop on instagram for individual pictures and descriptions

With inviting names like “Peppermint Patty,” “Green Tea,” “Eucalyptus,” and “Mint Bliss,” these compact jars of skin-smoothening sweetness are presented in soothing colours and gritty textures.

It exfoliates both the face and body well, though I tend to use it mostly on my face. The scrub leaves a slight and welcome moisture that makes my skin have a gleam to it.




Tip for use: Since the scrub itself has a light oil base, try cupping one hand under the hand you use to scoop out the amount you’re using each time; that way none ends up on the floor. Using your fingertips, scrub your face in a (small) circular motion. Let sit for a 1-2 minute, and wash off with water. For me, there’s no need to apply a moisturizer after. I use my fingertips like windscreen wipers to remove excess water, and lightly dab dry with a soft washcloth; sometimes, I let my skin air dry. Depending on your skin type, you’ll find the best technique that works for you.

The transparent bottles are labeled and packaged in a quaint mesh bag (ideal to use for earrings and seashells afterwards). I started with ‘Lemon Rosemary,’ and use it every two mornings.

Janelle has come up with a refreshing recipe for this beautiful line of natural skin-care products, which are made in Barbados, and on par with leading products on the international market.

Connect with her directly and request your set of skin-care products in time for the Christmas season. These would make some lovely gifts for a cherished friend beyond the season.


Please note: These products are not shared for marketing or affiliation purposes; I find them fabulous, and admire the innovation of the entrepreneur behind them – thus this post.
Treat your skin to gems from this tropical collection.



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