Gifts that last: recognizing seeds of potential in you

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. 

This post is about the gifts that don’t need to be bought, but are designed to be recognized, nurtured and shared. These gifts are manifested as intuitive talents, skills, ideas, and divinely inspired visions.

These gifts, unlike material things that depreciate with time and use, appreciate and generate more value when exercised and shared with others. They do not have an expiration date, but putting them on the back-burner and in the backseat, with things designed to exhaust or deter you positioned on the front-burner, makes gifts become lukewarm. Consider your gifts; they were given to you for a purpose, not by chance or mistake. They are meant to resonate with the essence embedded in them. Give them energy, and watch them soar before you very eyes.

Your gifts aren’t dependent on your circumstance, season of life, or the contents of your pocket.

Your gifts are a direct relation to your destiny and calling.

They become amplified according to the degree of your faith and the energy behind your works. Your gifts are so abundant that using them will bless others – and you, as you realize they are not of you, but are gifted TO you, to be shared THROUGH you.

Will you pause for a moment to consider the gifts already planted in you since the beginning of time. They are waiting on you to believe, pay attention, give thanks, refine them and share.

There is no such thing as a person without a gift; he or she may not be aware but as soon as they awaken to this, the gift begins to stir and takes flight – with energy, and purpose.

You are gifted.

Look within – and look around. What’s in your heart? What’s in your hands? What’s in your house? Possibilities from seeds waiting to be sown and given purpose.

Believe, shine, and share.

You are gifted.

These gifts don’t have price-tags – they are as priceless as you are precious!

Tune in and tap in to the seeds planted in you. Take a deep breath,  yank fear and doubt up from the soil in your mind, refresh that soil with gratitude, water it with joyful expectation, and plant seeds from gifts that last…gifts that resonate, elevate, and bless others.

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