Growing beyond disappointment to a joyful attitude

Hi y’all,

how was your Christmas season?

For some it was radiant and filled with reminders of love; others were reminded of loss or challenges faced during this season many moons before. Mine was quiet, decorated with light cooking, reflection and thanksgiving. Just before Christmas, some disappointing news wafted in, and not only did it threaten to dampen my day, it hurt –  and brought some tears and tough questions.

What do you do when faced with disappointment, whether through a person or situation?

Well, normally I’d wallow in it for awhile. (It sure required attention and decisions.) But not this time. Yes, I cried. Yes, I felt upset and a dash of unfamiliar anger and contemplated a response. But first, a pause to take a deeeeep breath, then a prayer to thank God for His unfailing perfect love, presence, and promises.

You see, had I taken things into my own hands, I’d be putting the essence of my character at risk. That was the temptation. It comes in many forms: tempted to do something out of alignment with what we know to be right; temptation to react in a way that conflicts with our character…I chose in this case, not to be tempted, but to give it to God. He is able and He fights for those who love Him.

I flooded my mind with His Word and absorbed all the goodness, comfort, and nourishment from authentic affirmations of Love. I chose – and still choose joy!


I hope that whatever challenges you may face, you can remember that love is in your essence and joy is always available through thanksgiving no matter what.

Have a beautiful ushering in of a brand new year, and thanks for joining the journey! Lots of highlights in store for 2018, so stay tuned.



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2 thoughts on “Growing beyond disappointment to a joyful attitude

  1. Dear Indra, I’m catching up with my email and just read this pearl of wisdom you penned. I’m sending you a warm hug, I saw myself in many things you expressed beautifully.

    Thank you for shining and sharing your light. I have you in my prayers, sis!


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