Restaurant review: eco-café in Bridgetown, Barbados

Green Lime Eco-Café & Juice Bar

Every year, two cherished friends (a lovely couple) from Denmark and I go to lunch at some spot or another during their visit to Barbados.

@greenlimecafe on instagram

Each year we meet, both the conversation and the meal are equally nourishing, energizing, memorable. The last two times we went to Just Grillin’ (grill spot) on the south coast, and Bongo Lights (ital food spot) in town.

Today, we visited the Green Lime Eco-Café & Juice Bar, located on the upper level of Norman Center Mall in Bridgetown. It was my first time at Green Lime, and I decided to blog about it as the first in a series of deli and restaurant visits.

The ambience of the space is lovely; spacious and set with quaint 2 & 4 seater tables. Since it’s upstairs, the huge curtain-free windows invite the soft glow of sunlight that filters in and sets the tone perfectly.

For Bds.$10. you can make a three-dish selection, and for $15. – a five-item combo. If you’ve set foot in Bim for more than 24hrs or bought 10 or more items at any supermarket, you’ll appreciate the huge deal for a healthy meal you’re getting at this cafe.


I had a spicy three bean stew, GLB salsette (salsa / vinaigrette blend) and steamed sweet potato with fresh herbs. The beans were flavour-filled but not salty, the “salsette” vegetables vibrant, and the sweet potato – well – sweet!


For dessert, it was a slice of delicious chocolate cake by “Auntie Mummies” – a popular vegan baking business.

Overall, the service was excellent; surroundings, clean, quiet, and decorated with a minimalistic touch, and food, healthy and delicious.

The next time you’re in Bridgetown on Broad Street, take a moment to visit Green Lime Eco-Café & Juice Bar, a vegan lunch spot on the main street of the island’s capital.

@greenlimecafe on instagram

Parish: St. Michael

Please note: this is not an affiliate post. It’s one in a blog post series that features deli and restaurant visits in Barbados.

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