5 areas to nurture in 2018


Get a hot drink and join me for this one, ok?

Many times, dreams and goals align, and I can put checkmarks by the accomplished items on the to-do list. Countless times, things happen in life – those unpredictable blips on the radar of our days, months, and years that immediately or gradually edit our stories.


Things we hope to avoid, or witnessed others experience, or thought could possibly happen somewhere farrrr down the line – or disappointments we didn’t anticipate our reaction towards. These can range from the loss of a job or worse yet, a loved one – a health challenge, a location or job change, rebuilding after a natural disaster. I know what it’s like to plan a portion of time with precision and delight, only to lose a cherished friend under heartbreaking and horrible circumstances two years ago. And I’m not the only one. For some, this year has been well-seasoned with hospital visits, funerals, and goodbyes. These things, not only punctuate – but influence our earthly plans.

Sometimes it can be sunshine-things, like a surprise travel adventure, a close-call that boosts our sense of gratitude, a wedding, a gift of grace despite our behaviour, or a new baby in the family. Though we do not know everything, we are gifted with the ability to hope, aspire, work and plan.

Here are 5 areas to nurture in 2018


Like a window, to let in more light and love. Like a well-tended garden, to cultivate thanksgiving, compassion, forgiveness and joy daily, and weed out resentment, anger, and rejection. Like a precious thing to guard with grace and courage. Keep the candle of prayer alight.


Remembering that the physical is just one element, but it’s the casing for the soul and requires care and vigilance. Good health is wealth, for to be considered financially wealthy but physically or mentally unhealthy is nothing to long for. Continue sharing time in creation being grateful for the gifts in nature. Be appreciative of well-being and not complacent. Know when to move and when to be still. Be proactive, and patient.


Appreciate, and serve others. Consider the poor; reach out to help, and be a voice. Be thankful. Listen well, lead with integrity, step forward with solutions not opinions. Donate. Let love and generosity reign.


Pray first, map the year, sow and serve well, identify and nurture gifts, inspire, reap, save, shine, share, invest time, energy, resources, and income in others, overcome any challenges, and rejoice in highlights. Be focused, purpose-filled, willing to learn and grow.


Gather for good, celebrate the strides of others, and let encouragement flow naturally in each uplifting, honest conversation and connection. Let compassion blossom. Walk together with purpose, support each other in confidence and discretion where needed, and thrive.

What about you?

Any additions to share? I'd love to hear ways you aspire to grow in 2018 and beyond. Thanks so much for visiting online today, and have a light and safe rest of the day.


May 2018 be healthy, and joyful and may you recognize constant reminders of God’s unfailing, everlasting, unconditional love. Whether you believe in Him or not, He loves you without a second thought. That’s why He is so amazing! We make resolutions that we sometimes struggle with, while God made promises He always fulfills!


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