Key lesson to learn & apply everyday

Hi there,

we all learn lessons on our journeys.

I’ve come to understand that happiness, peace of mind, and joy all spring forth from a place of gratitude.

How in this world can we feel grateful in those un-fun seasons of drought, trial, loss, and chaos? Just by working the muscle – stretching to recognize our blessings, and giving thanks in advance for what it surely to come…the mere spark that is generated by the desire for joy, manifests the glow of gratitude in our lives.

Our quality of life and measure of contentment are directly related to our degree of thankfulness.

No matter the season or circumstance, finding something or someone to be grateful for, brightens and transforms the atmosphere within and around. Contentment isn’t to be confused with complacency; it’s being grateful for what we have and living thankful as a way of life.

Joy isn’t a topical cream we can simply and effortlessly apply like moisturizer. But it is a critical to our well-being, as gratitude is for the soul and daily living. When we are thankful, our breathing deepens and becomes more concentrated with joy. Stress starts to fade away even when challenges arise. The essence of love is magnified in our hearts and resonates through our speech, deeds, character, and the way we interact with others. Some days, it’s a reach to be thankful – so reach!

Tune in to the song in your heart.

Release anxiety. Embrace serenity.

Find healthy ways to elevate your mood when it wavers, because feelings can be pretty inaccurate where our value is concerned. Enjoy decorating your space, and make time to appreciate the fresh air outdoors. Set a fragrant plant on your kitchen sill.

Each morning we are gifted, let’s wake up, show up, and be present. That’s a step toward being grateful.

Add a diffuser with an energizing, sweetly-scented oil in your living or bedroom. Make time for a sister-friend. Celebrate the strides of others. Take a walk and go for a swim in the sea; scrub the soles of your feet with sand. Paint and display an inspiring word or phrase on the wall, mirror, or door.

I’ve been in musicals where part of the job entailed delivering a specific emotion, and on stage on occasions when I wasn’t feeling fabulous or had a migraine, but still hit it right on (or pretty near) the mark and overcame the challenge in the moment. I had to question this obedience to human instruction and apply the same lesson to this situation. Simply because I’d made a commitment to something, and followed through on my word. Even when it’s tough, we can do the same through making a commitment to live with gratitude alive in our hearts.

This year and beyond, I am on a journey to be more and more grateful each day. Yes, some days it may be a quiet joy; at times – a fleeting thought, and other days, a rejoicing melody from a mountaintop or impromptu dance party in the kitchen…but the focus is on sowing and growing gratitude consistently – one sweet moment at a time.



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