Home-decor art hand-painted on material from trees

Painting is meditation in motion; it's a dance of the body and brush. Painting is a language...a way of expressing a sentiment or message. 

Time with the pencil, pen or brush can be joyful, quiet, contemplative, euphoric, healing, and refreshing. The patient process of painting influences your sense of wellbeing. It’s a movement that exists…in the stillness. The Arts are used as a teaching tool in many workshops because they assists with expression in a creative way.

Finding gifts under trees, and using them as natural canvas for home-decor art is one of my favourite ways to work with colour.

At the time, large canvas from the art supply store was priced too “hot” for my pocket. Remembering that we can choose to start where we are with what we have, working towards what we desire, I took a deep breath and a walk outside, and found gifts tucked away under trees all around.


As a girl, reading, writing, singing, dancing, and drawing helped to lower the volume and lessen the tension in the house. These activities provided a quiet space where I could be productive and experience peace. It was as if an entirely different environment was formed; one where thoughts had room to breathe, and the little girl in me had freedom of expression.

home decor art.jpg

There’s an artist is all of us, through the direct connection between the gift of creation and the fruit of creativity. Whether cooking is your thing, or you have a knack for photography, decorating, gardening, sewing, writing, or organizing, we each have ways that creativity bubbles and blossoms.

How does your creativity shine through?

Feel free to share.

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