Making time for moments that matter even when the pace is up

Today had some action in it; not that anything dramatic happened, but there was a portion of the afternoon where I had to respond on-the-spot to something that demanded I pick up the pace, head out the door and travel two parishes away and back – in time to meet someone to then go take care of a household errand. Oh, and stop at the bank (in between that) which had a line of ohhhh – 40 people, minutes to closing time – on a Friday – eeep!

For a moment, I paused to reflect on my “no-rush” rule that’s been in practice for a year or so now. Was this a test? Probably. So, how I handled it was key. I could panic, or I could map everything before me, and set a pace.

Do you ever have that feeling where you’re tempted to rush, but know that when you do, you end up feeling frazzled with things still left over to do?

Long story short, everything was taken care of and errands aligned sweetly. While in the bank line, I started replying to a message from a sister-friend, by text. Instead, I called. We hadn’t connected for awhile now, and though a quiet bank wasn’t an ideal spot to ‘catch up’ and talk about a business collaboration on the phone at the time, I decided it was. So many times, she’s flashed into my mind and I’ve sent her and her son love in the air, but though the “no-rush” rule is in play, somehow the time since we last spoke seemed moons away – and we live on the same island.

You see, sometimes we can get lazy with reaching out to others – then get used to it.

Today, it’s quick questions, shorthand texts, emoticon comments, juggling e-mails, dodging noisy (social media) notifications, while tending to the tasks of any given day, setting aside quiet time of thanksgiving, reading, and deep breaths – and making sure to post on instagram. But what room does all that leave for meaningful connections with cherished friends? Not much – unless we define it.

So I called. And we spoke, laughed, shared, built, and will soon meet for coffee and conversation. She shared how her business has grown and continues to, and we celebrated each other’s highlights while offering compassion for the challenges. The 40 people ahead of me in the line suddenly had skimmed down to one or two. The time had both flown, and stood still, as two friends both made a moment to call, pick up the phone, say hi, share a smile, and make a new memory.

Shout out to Rachelle! Shine on, sis!




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Hi there, I'm indra Denys (dih-nees), writing you from Barbados. Here you’ll find encouragement, career tips for creative freelancers and refreshment reminders for women who are ready to shape a thriving business that aligns with their wellness. I'm a new creation, singer-songwriter, content producer and publishing entrepreneur who's travelled to 20 destinations so far, and is now working-from-home. Balancing housework with business tasks is an interesting change of tempo I'm dancing to. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose, encouraging others to enjoy moments of refreshment daily while nurturing your gifts and growing your business. Have you seen the Freelancer WorkWeek videos yet? Be sure to check them out for biz tips and beautiful views of Barbados. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, podcast episodes, events and giveaways coming up.

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