Making time for moments that matter even when the pace is up

A hot, sunny and full day that included a stop at the bank that had a line of ohhhh – 40 people, minutes to closing time – on a Friday! Ugh!

I have a “no-rush” rule that’s been in practice for a few years or so now. A valuable lesson from a few seasons running a 24hr business. Was this a test? Probably.

In many situations, we have a choice to panic, plan or set a pace.

Do you ever have that feeling where you’re tempted to rush, but know that when you do, you end up feeling frazzled with things still left over to do?

Long story short, while in the bank line, I started texting a reply to a message from a sister-friend. Instead, I called. We hadn’t connected for awhile now, and though a quiet bank wasn’t an ideal spot to make a (quiet) phone call at the time, I decided it was. So many times, she’s flashed into my mind, but somehow the time since we last spoke seemed like moons away – and we live on the same island.

Sometimes we can get lazy with reaching out to others – then get used to it.

Today, it’s quick questions, shorthand texts, emoticon comments, juggling e-mails, dodging noisy (social media) notifications, while tending to the tasks of any given day. But what room does all that leave for meaningful connections with cherished friends? Not much – unless we define it.

So I called. And we spoke, laughed, shared, built, and encouraged. She shared how her son and business have grown, and we celebrated each other’s highlights while offering compassion and comfort for the challenges. The 40 people ahead of me in the line suddenly had skimmed down to one or two. Time had both flown, and stood still, as two friends both made a moment to call, pick up the phone, say hi, share a smile, and make a new memory.

Which sister has flashed into your mind or been in your prayers recently?

Food for thought, shared with love,


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