Outdoor adventure on the east coast of Barbados


Barbados is a popular travel destination, known for its sunny skies, turquoise waters, history, cricket, RiRi, music festivals, beverages, and more. The island is sliced into 11 pizza slices called parishes, and is an entrepreneurial hub, popular Caribbean wedding destination, home to a diverse population, and a beautiful place to journey around by foot, boat, or car.

Huge waves come ashore with massive force, pounding against the rocky ‘cliff’ and sending yards of sea spray across the land. Fishing spot on the east. Click the link to book a tour..

Going on outdoor adventures is a fun thing to do, and as someone who was born here, this opens your eyes to appreciate the natural beauty that still exists all around, regardless of the commercial development taking place. Traveling on foot, hiking up and down hills in the sun or drizzle, and along leaf-sprinkled trails through a canopy of tropical trees, is an exciting way to experience ‘Bim’ (Barbados.) The fresh air is…well – refreshing, and exercise, rejuvenating.

The climb up from the plateau overlooking the sea. On on side, it’s green land and rocky terrain, and on the other side, it’s a huge expanse of untamed sea. A pic from an outdoor adventure on the east a few days ago.


When I started this blog early in 2013, I was living the countryside, on a farm among horses, green monkeys, chickens, butterflies, and dogs. Green was everywhere, and preparation of daily meals involved a stroll through the garden for veggies, fresh herbs or ground provision. In the mornings, it was picking cherries, broad leaf thyme, rosemary, and sweet basil leaves, juicy mangoes, yella meat breadfruit, Jamaican ackee, and bayleaf from the surrounding trees. Oooo weee! (We’ll leave out the parish water shortage for now.) Hikes and fishing adventures – at least 3 times a week. Coming from the sunny somewhat commercial south coast and a busier life tempo filled with studio sessions, the countryside was refreshing, and reminded me that there was – is so much more to discover.

Now, I make sure to appreciate each expression of God’s handiwork seen in creation around Bim, observe the environment, and experience it with fresh eyes and a thankful heart.

From coast to coast


The water traveling along the east and north looks and moves different from that on the south and west.

East and north – vibrant deep water with strong currents, more open land, vegetation, and villages with colourful bajan-style houses.

South and west – mostly calm, clear seawater with rocky borders in some areas, more restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and transportation options.


You’ll find a whole lot of small bays all around, which make seawater swimming pools that are enjoyed by everyone, and safe for families with small children. The rainfall has its own schedule in the country, and it’s often either raining on the west, and sunny on the east or vice versa, though sometimes simultaneously during troughs, tropical depressions, or storms. Fishing boats decorate the shores of the east, while jet skis are dominant on the west. Fishing is an island-wide activity, but since the water is calmer on side of the island, water sports are mostly active on the smooth side only. Turtles are pretty much everywhere, but found in greater numbers on the south and west. The sea around those two zones, is encased by powder-like golden sand, while on the east and north, it’s a balding border of coarse sand, infinite shells, and ice-pick rocks. Swimming is most on the south and west, while mostly skilled surfers, veteran swimmers and fishermen venture into the wild waters of the east.

Consett waves2

As a home-body blogger with a traveler’s heart, I’m compelled to challenge the way I interpret life in Barbados, by finding more things to appreciate and learn about this ‘little island in the sun.’

More on this outdoor adventure soon.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! Where and what was your most recent outdoor adventure? Inspired to share? Feel free. Traveling to Barbados, and interested in booking an island-style fishing tour? Send a message and let us know.

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As a part of our “Celebrate A Sister” series, a new guest post is on the way, featuring a musical sister who decided to make time to go on a wonderful retreat. She’ll be sharing her journey with us in the next post.


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