Restaurant review: vegetarian spot in Bridgetown

On the way through town from Upper then Lower Broad Street, across Jubilee Gardens and heading towards the Post Office, there’s a lovely vegetarian spot with great, friendly service and delicious ital food. It’s Roots Reggae Vegetarian Café – a cosy family-owned business upstairs in Cheapside Market.

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The food court and some shops line the border of the walkway

Well, my two friends from Denmark – a beautiful couple, and I meet for a meal and good conversation each year when they visit. This is the 1st time for 2018 (the time before this was December) and today we enjoyed scrumptious and healthy food prepared by Carol of the The Trinity Family.

The walk to the spot takes you along the sidewalk by one of my favourite spots to pass in town – a sidewalk market filled with ground provisions, vegetables, local jewelry and clothing.

You can get a combo of sides for a very reasonable price

We had a good laugh about the fact that they’ve been introducing me to food spots around the island I’m from (ok, I haven’t been out and about town in a while) and so we planned to meet at their friends’ veggie deli, Roots Reggae Vegetarian Café for lunch. And what a meal! Woo-wee! Here’s what I treated my tummy to:

Some steamed & some fried breadfruit (yummerts!), rice and peas (made with coconut milk), lentil roast, steamed okra, black-bean stew, dasheen pie, plantain, and a dill-infused salad. I mean – come on! A power-packed lunch compressed into one decent-sized portion – enough to be filling, without landing like a boulder in yuh belly.
A food warmer of fried breadfruit and gluten set on the counter.
A light salad with lettuce, tomatoes, sprinkled with dill.
This drink is soooo delicious. We couldn’t stop trying to guess the ingredients, and finally had to ask Carol: paw paw (papaya) and coconut milk – hello! Two Yums Up! Lighter than a soursop punch, and not too sweet like some smoothies, this blend is just right and it’s naturally sweetened by the paw paw.
Carol preparing a dish for a customer. Her essence is one of love, joy, grace, and perseverance, and the business she and her husband have built and continue to build is a popular spot for fans of nutritious and delicious vegetarian food.
Close-up. The breadfruit kind looks like curry tofu here; the bronzed ones up front in this pic are fried firm (yet not crumbly) while the yellow wedges on the far side of this pic are steamed and softer. I added a couple dashes of Bajan pepper sauce to the overall dish though the flavours were already blending and popping perfectly.

Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe | tel: 1(246) 265-1982

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Updated since publishing: May sister Carol rest in peace. A beautiful soul with a loving heart.

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