In the Stillness: tuning into sounds of creation in the morning

I love hearing birds singing in the morning.

Their voices are celebration cues that sunlight is either just around the corner or already spreading across the land. Rainy mornings are far more quiet; the birds are tucked away in nests perched in trees, sheltering under leaves. If it’s just drizzling outside, they’ll still make a peep here and there, and some brave bird will give its best rendition of its signature song from the banana leaf closest to your window.


Because I enjoy hearing them, I remember to shape my mornings in a way that tunes into the sounds of creation and creates a grateful approach to starting each day. Of course, this doesn’t always happen but for the most part, somewhere tucked between 4:30 and 5:00am, the sound of birdsongs floats through the window towards my ears, and causes my heart to smile. Depending on the location (done a fair share of moving and traveling) ambient morning sounds vary. What’s it sound like early in the morning where you are?

Blessings, birdsongs and bible study. These set the tone of the first moments of the day. The atmosphere in the neighbourhood is quiet, just how I enjoy my mornings. Peace-filled. I even walk lighter as I patter around prepping a hot drink to sip while reading, journaling, or typing.

Guard your morning.

Stress is real, and Serenity is key.

When mornings are rushed, or the neighbours wake up, or I go to bed at dawn…or traffic starts to build up on the road, the collective noise has a resonance that almost overpowers the sounds of birdsongs.

And I realize…

it’s in the stillness, that we tune into the beautiful sounds of creation.

When you want to relax and meditate, what do you do to create the ambience? Whatever you do, remember to be…to sit in the stillness…tune in…and breeeaaathe….

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