Words are meals: let’s eat & serve well

Words matter.

Let them be kind

Use words to encourage and uplift; not to attack and wound

The quality of the words we use reveals the essence of our hearts

And every heart needs love and tending to

Here’s an excerpt that speaks volumes about the quality and origin of words we choose to use.

“An unsaved man is the most dangerous thing on this planet..what’s coming out of his heart is powerful…that’s why you gotta get him saved ’cause he can talk himself to death.

You take a man and he’s heading somewhere – just change his speech; it’ll turn his whole body. Now when he gets saved and gets that blessing on him…wooooo! You got some kind of person!!! He’ll walk down the streets several days and decree things into the atmosphere…you can shift a whole zip code!” – You just speak it!” ~ Dr. Bill Winston

(Matthew 12:34)

My thoughts and reminder to self:

Words are meals we feed others – are we speaking from the toilet or from the fridge?

Are our words flavoured with mango or stuffed with aloes (no offense aloes – love ya still.)

Words are boomerangs. Are we encouraging or criticizing?
Words can bless or wound.
Words can heal and words can slice.
Words can express forgiveness and words can knock the air out of someone.
Words can be sweet and pleasant like honey or acid and sharp like bitter arrows that land like darts in listening (unguarded) hearts.
Words can be compassionate and kind or reckless and cruel.
Words can inspire or they can condemn. Let’s be aware of how we use them.
Words can awaken smiles and speak life…and words can also incite heart attacks, migraines, foul fights, suicides, and stir up wars.

If you’re looking for perfection, you won’t find it here. I’m a work in progress, but check this out:
James 3:10 “from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way.”

Words can also roll off like water, but when they’re constantly acid, they don’t attract, invite, or welcome others to be a target for lyrical daggers.

Actions matter but they are designed to align with words…

I remember a day when someone (a grown man) got cussed out sooooo bad (by a then not so-grown man) for sooooo long in front of soooooo many people…and died in an accident hours later. Years later, a generous kind-hearted friend sent words meant to lovingly but sternly admonish someone on her contact list through a phone broadcast…days later, her life was taken. I know what it’s like to hear words, feel sharp pains, find lumps, and pray them away – using The Word. On fb, I see a post about a 9 nine year old boy who took his own life incited by bullying…nine years young.

It seems like words are meant to be connected with wisdom. We’ll need higher help with this; we humans are far too reckless. We have a way with words.

What if the people we sometimes or often try to impress could see the imprints of the words we’ve thought and said…like one massive lyrical screensaver reflecting off of us as we smiled and sashayed our way in public.

Would we need a life-sized “white-out” to erase most of what they’d see…or maybe just a small eraser to dab out a few careless unfortunate slips. No judgement here ’cause even one small word used in a reckless way to one person can leave a lasting impression, while someone who juggled verbal darts like Maradona could juggle a football, might not feel the effects for long.

Speak well…listen well…we’re here only once…what word trail are we leaving in the atmosphere? We won’t always get it right…but maybe we can try…

Words are meals we feed ourselves and others

Let’s do our best to eat and serve well…

Note to self: breathe, give thanks, forgive, ask for forgiveness, show grace, listen wisely and well, speak with love

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