Little Conor

The days coming up to February 22nd, and the ones immediately following it…were tough and filled with tears. While I’m giving thanks for making it to 5 years strong in blogging and celebrating the gift of a new day, my mind flashes every now and then to one of my three precious jack russells, Conor…who went to heaven 9:30am on that day.

I want to acknowledge how loving and loyal pets are, especially when they know how much we care about and for them.

They don’t barter with their affection or joy, gossip or hold grudges like we are sometimes tempted to…they just want to be given water, food, affection, exercise, a safe space to call home, treats, a little mat, beanbag or clean pen/kennel of their own, toes to nibble from time to time, acknowledgments of their fabulous stick-fetching, yarn catching, garden-digging and hunting skills, and owners that appreciate their absolute cuteness, loyalty, hilarious sense of humour, and loving nature.

When he first came to the house, he was so quiet and kept to himself. For the first two days and nights, he sat in a corner with his tiny back turned to the other two jack russells who tried to understand who this quiet little addition to the fold was. He let me feed and play with him, but remained quiet and a bit antisocial at first…the previous owner said he was rowdy in the house…yet he seemed sad and I made it my business to shower him with cuddles and love. Soon, he became a rambunctious, playful, feisty and kinda-feared puppy, who secretly loved hour-long “cuddles,” and melodies of “Conor’s such a good boyyyy” in his ear on a daily basis.
Nap time
Annnnd he’s up – full hype mode.

Conor was precious as pie to me, and I’m grateful for the huge blessing this little powerhouse pup was.


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