Creating A Clean & Cosy Home Office: desk tour

Working from home requires some kind of structure and designated setting.

I love a clean desk and office supplies! Part of my Content Management and Publishing business involves logging paperwork and assigning file folders for printed content, so I need to make sure there’s clarity in my work space, adequate ‘elbow room’, and a method to find info easily. First step is to wipe off any dust and clean the desk surface with a refreshing oil, like lemon or orange. Mmmm! Lovely aroma to work and write in.

What are your desk essentials?

Markers, Sharpies pens and Post-It notes add little drops of colour to a desk and pages of a journal. I can be a bit of a nerd, and as much as techie stuff is fun and very handy, there’s something sweet and creatively free about writing and drawing on paper and in notebooks. Writing & typing supplies pretty much go hand in hand in my home office.
On set: After listing inspired blog topics in my planner, then Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet, I usually prepare a post early in the morning, or late at night. On mornings, it’s at my small neat desk facing the window, listening to the pea witler and sparky birds holding a joyful concert in the trees. Wanna hear? Click to tune in.
A light breakfast before blogging. I love quiet time early in the morning…the atmosphere is lighter…and air more fresh. Most times, I wake up at 4:30 or 5am, give thanks, and start the day.
Here’s a behind the scenes blogging pic: fine-tuning a page on this blog and adding images of new books in the reference center. On the left are a few books I keep on my desk.
As an online writer, even though pens and planners are a part of the process, I need to use specific typing and publishing tools to manage this blog and business website: got this laptop from iShop Barbados (this isn’t an affiliate marketing post; just sharing where I got the gear and received great service from). An iPhone comes in for on-the-spot graphic design, client connects, and blog photography while on an outdoor adventure.
Editing an eBook designed for aspiring online writers

For me, working from home involves a combo of settings: the desk, the guitar, the piano, and the mic

Work space (on left): desk – for reading, writing, blogging | Work space (on right): piano – for songwriting and composing

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