Ramen HD (high definition) ~ the tuna files

Ramen HD (High Definition) Fish Dish

Hey there! Let’s talk Ramenthis time, as a noodle pasta fish dish, and not a soup like in the curry-fish ramen dish blog post.

Sometimes, ya just feel for something light and easy-to-make; know what ah mean? With 365 days in a year, daily cooking really requires some serious creativity. Woo! I’m up for the challenge, so let’s get started making this high definition Ramen dish!

For some reason, today I used this Zorro-style sword-knife to dice an onion – it worked, so no complaints here. On the right, is a colander with 3 packs worth of medium boiled noodles.

Today’s spotlight is on the international soup celebrity that costs a mere Bds.$1.00 per pack! Say what?!ย This has got to be the most pocket-friendly food option on the rock. The only things I can think of that cost $1.00 in Barbados is 4 brown mints (shout-out to my favourite mint!) and hourly parking in town – not even a coconut or a bag o’ dunks from the highway stalls costs a dollar.


3 packs of ‘oriental Ramen’ (you’re not using the seasoning pack included.)

1/2 large onion

Spices (curry, paprika, black pepper)

Fresh or dried basil

A tsp of oil

A tsp of capers

Prep & Cooking time: 9 minutes tops!

Serves 2

Open package, and remove seasoning pack included. Boil noodles (to medium springiness; not soft like for soup). Turn off the stove, and drain noodles.

Ok, so make sure the noodles aren’t over-boiled; that makes ’em swibbly – a little too tender for a pasta type dish, and more suited for soup. Drain well, and lightly fluff them with a fork for 3 seconds if anything. You don’t want them smooshy like porridge; that much I’m sure of.

Bronze 1/2 diced onion in a tsp of oil, in a pan set at medium heat.

1. Tsp of oil 2. Add 1/2 diced onion 3. Now spices 4. Inhale….yummm

Add spices and basil, and sautรฉ for 2 mins. Add pre-spiced chunk light tuna, and mix in well.

Brunswick tuna (chunk light in oil) has a decent amount of fish and is a nice consistency; you can smoosh it with a fork to loosen up the tuna somewhat, when making gravy. Tuna in water is totally cool with me, but at home, this one’s the general preference. Most of the time, yellow fin tuna or bonito is what’s in the freezer and fridge so I’m thankful either way. Today – canned tuna is what it is, so it’s on today’s menu.

Add a โ€œtoopseโ€ (tsp) of water and a sprinkle of salt. Now, add the noodles and stir-fry everything. Garnish with a tsp of capers, dash of ketchup (if yuh like) and soy sauce (fun fun.)

Set in plate, sprinkle black pepper, parmigiano and chives – enjoy! Do you rock Ramen sometimes too? Feel free to share your favourite way to prepare it; ideas welcome!

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