Recipe: curry rice and channa in peanut stew, with sautéed greens

Yes peas!

Did you eat already for the day? Here’s a dish I made for lunch that I’d like to share the recipe for, with you. It takes about 25-30 minutes to make, and is pretty filling without leaving you paunched.

Prep & cooking time: 25-30 mins.


(Serves 2)

1and 1/2 cup of rice

3 pinches of salt

1tbsp of butter

Spices: 1tbsp curry, pinch of paprika, black pepper, and cumin

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp (non-crunchy) peanut butter

Fresh herbs: parsley, chives, red pepper

1 can of channa (chick / garbanzo peas)

4 sliced okras

1 medium broccoli bouquet

2″ grated carrot

+ love


  1. Slice and dice veggies on a cutting board
  2. Put the rice to boil. Add a bit of curry so the rice has a hint of yellow

3. In a small heated pot, add most the butter then 1 diced garlic pod and half of the spices. In about 20 seconds, add broccoli, okra and some of the fresh herbs and spices. Stir and add a tiny “toopse” (smidgen) of water. Let bronze, add a 1/2 sprinkle of salt and black pepper, remove from heat, and set in a separate. Cover. Meanwhile, check rice and monitor progress (you’re looking for a medium softness; not crunchy, not smooshy)

4. In the same pan, add remaining bit of butter, then the rest of herbs and spices to ‘temper.’ Now, the channa in half of the brine. Sprinkle in 1/2 pinch salt and black pepper, reduce heat and let sit for a bit.

5. Add the rest to of the garlic (1 diced, 1 whole) and peanut butter (and red pepper seeds.) Now stir in well. Make sure there’s moisture still in the mix; if necessary, a little water will help. Add grated carrot and let boil until the peas are soft-to-medium cooked.

6. Get a clean plate, set rice on it, then a layer of bronzed greens, and pour serving spoonfuls of channa in peanut stew on top. Enjoy!

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