Discover the essentials of oils, with Heather

Oils have been in existence since ancient times, and used for a myriad of reasons ranging from sacred, medicinal, culinary, energizing, detoxing, and aromatic purposes.

It is with great joy that I introduce today’s feature guest, Heather of “Spread Oils.” She joins us for this inner-view from the U.S and shares on the many benefits of oils, some special blends, and how we can incorporate them into our happy homemaking and wellness regime:

1. What inspired you to learn about essential oils, and their uses?

I am just like a growing number of people around the earth, seeking natural ways to
support my body, mind and emotions to be at their best. Initially, I tried essential oils
for digestive support, frequent sinus issues, inflammation in my back and help with

I tried a variety of natural products, foods and techniques over the years, and
even other essential oils, without success. However, when I tried indigenous sourced
essential oils, they helped every one of these concerns. At this point, my eyes and
heart started to open in wonderment as to the joy and opportunities of indigenous
sourced essential oils.

I began to see the opportunity to increase health and
wellness for people locally and around the world. It is fascinating to explore how
indigenously sourced essential oils can support the health and wellness of humans,
animals, other plants and our whole ecosystem.

doterra oils

2. How can oils assist with common health issues, and enhance the ambience of
a home? Can you share how some oils work in this way?

This is a fabulous question, and I will break it into parts.
First, common health issues. Most dis-ease occurs due to a build up of in-balance in
one or a variety of systems and functions of the body. The goal of indigenous
essential oils is to help bring balance and harmony to systems of the body, mind and

When harmony is present, a person is more able to raise their awareness and increase performance, have a more positive mindset and experience joy-filled emotions.

For example, when a person experiences harmony, they are less stressed
and more likely to be happy at work and home, increase productivity and focus, and
able to improve critical thinking. When stress is minimized or removed, a person is
more likely to develop and heal. This is very important in all areas of life, especially
the health and wellness industries.

Second, yes – essential oils have a powerful opportunity to enhance the ambience of
a home, school, clinic, spa, workspace or practically any environment. When
essential oils are diffused into the air, this is called aromatherapy.

Selecting oils to have a certain impact is an art and science. There are essential oils that can help
people to feel cheerful and joyful. There are also essential oils to help people feel
restful. This is why it is important to work with a certified
aromatherapist or natural health professional to help lead you to the right oils for you
and your ambiance or aromatherapy goals. You can create wonderful, life changing
experiences, one drop at a time.

3. What’s it like managing a business that focuses on wellbeing; how does it
shape your own sense of contentment, purpose, and joy?

Everyday is an opportunity to spread joy. I enjoy what I do and am so grateful to live
with purpose. I remain inspired as I collaborate with brilliant minds and hearts
around the world.


This is what I wish to bring to this Earth and is my purpose. This is where pure health, wellness and healing can occur. It is fascinating to work with such a variety of inspiring people, including cutting edge and open-minded health care professionals, integrative and alternative practitioners, moms, business owners, top scientists, counselors, teachers and people seeking to hope to live a better life. Making life brighter happens one person, one drop at a time, and I am dedicated to this.

4. Do you place products in stores, or sell directly and exclusively through your
online business? What are some benefits and words of encouragement for
women entrepreneurs you can share with our readers?

I support both. Personally, I have an online store. Here,
people may buy at retail or receive wholesale perks and discounts (25-55%) by
clicking on ‘Join & Save’. There is no monthly obligation with this. We make it very
simple for you to buy and try essential oils in your home. My commitment is to help
people to learn and use essential oils safely and successfully.

I also have clients who wish to sell products in their clinics, spas, salons and stores
for sale. This is excellent. It helps people with immediate access and use. I support
a variety of clients around the world that are health care professionals, that own
health care clinics, physical therapy centers, counseling centers, yoga and wellness
studios, and health food stores. More and more people and places are committed to
natural health and whole person wellness. It is an incredible and fascinating time to be in the wellness industry, and I welcome people to join me. If you are interested or intrigued, and just don’t know where to start.

Email me at Whether you are a business owner, healthcare professional, or looking for your own wellness, reach out to me. I’m here to show you how essential oils can bring more joy into your life.

5. If you had to recommend 3 oils that are essential to every home, which ones
would make the list and why? 

There are 3 blends that I would want to live without. Together, they bring harmony to
my body, mind and emotions all year. They are:


doTERRA’s grounding blend, appropriately named doTERRA Balance, promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions.

Serenity calms the senses and supports a restful nights sleep.


As one of doTERRA’s most popular oils, doTERRA On Guard is a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function* and contains cleansing properties.

6. Do you have a favorite oil?

Frankincense is the one – without a doubt. It is known as the holy oil because it helps so many things. This one oil helps to bring harmony to the body, mind and emotions, all by itself. For me, I love it’s ancient connections and reverence. It helps to bring oxygen to the brain and helps the cells to function better. It’s smell is a warm, earthy smell that speaks to my soul. It’s as if I can feel it helping to heal my soul on a subtle level. It’s hard to put into words, but if you are aware of such subtleties, it is incredibly beautiful.

It is available as a single oil to diffuse or use topically. “Often called the “king of oils,” dōTERRA Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically, while topical and internal uses provide modern health benefits.” It is also in the ‘Balance Blend,’ which is why that is also one of my top 3 oils. Both oils offer incredible aromas and wellness support.

Through “Spread Oils,” Heather is doing her part to shine a light by “helping whole person wellness world-wide” and spreading joy one drop at a time.

To begin your wellness journey with essential oils and connect with Heather direct, click any of these links:
Website –
Facebook –

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