Determined to Decorate ~ meet Rowana (creative entrepreneur)

In today’s post, Barbadian event planner and florist, Rowana Sandiford shares a bit of her decor work, inspiration and encouragement. I first met this driven decorator in 2004 while in business training at the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, and have witnessed the blossoming of her career through the fruit of her gifts. Starting and maintaining a business isn’t easy, but it is possible and doable. She has shaped a career that nurtures her gifts, allows her to work (in-part) from home and generates an income to care for her family. With joy, I’d like to share a mini inner-view with the enterprising Rowana:

  1. What inspired you to start your business?

It’s something I have always dreamt about. That was enough incentive for me to start.

2. Do you have any favourite pieces to create? What’s the most in-demand item?

Not at the moment, but gift baskets are the most in-demand. My clients love them!

3. Name 3 essential supplies you love to work with. (e.g: flowers, ribbon, cloth)

I enjoy working with flowers, diamante and tulle.

Do you do deliveries and on-site decor services?

Yes, I provide island wide deliveries, as well as on site décor services.

An assortment of gifts
one prep step at a time

4. How do you overcome challenges in business, and how do you keep your energy level up?

It has its many challenges, but I’m a determined individual. Sometimes things happen in life that can be stressful, but once you stay focused, grateful and keep believing, you will get through.

Vision + action to set the stage and create the ambience
Rowana working on a decor piece at home. Doing what she loves helping to brighten spaces with beautiful creations.

• How do you set and enjoy quiet time?

By taking time for myself, spending time with my boys, and enjoying walks to the beach.


Rowana also shares these gems of encouragement for women nurturing a dream:

“Never give up; keep believing in yourself and know that one day your dreams will be accomplished. No matter what challenges you face, don’t let it discourage you – keep believing and you will get there. All the obstacles that come your way will make you stronger. Be determined. After you overcome them, you will remember everything you have grown through.”


Connect with Rowana of J.B.I.R Floral & Gift Shoppe on Instagram here

To place a request, e-mail:
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