Life Coach, Janelle encourages us to be honest with ourselves at all times

Yes, it’s time for another special feature from the “Celebrate A Sister” series.

Taking a step towards overcoming an emotionally challenging pattern or season, and embarking on a journey to live a positive life can involve spending quiet time doing some honest and serious self-evaluation.

There are times when we may be compelled to reach out to others, whether family, friends, or a trusted mentor for a helping hand through a tough season.

Today’s pace often invites factors like stress, anxiety, and confusion; in this environment, clarity is essential. Along with our responsibility of personal development, Coaching is now globally embraced as a key stepping stone to gaining perspective and mapping a path forward with professional insight. Coaching, in various forms, has fast become an avenue for educating, equipping, and motivating.

Life Coach, Janelle James shares her “why,” highlighting the importance of being honest with ourselves at all times. Through her business, she:

  • assists
  • equips
  • encourages

others to step forward in life.


“Some depressed people don’t know they are depressed and that is what had happened to me again. I found myself in a hole and I couldn’t get out until my sister came to me angry and crying because she had lost her sister. She told me that the only time she saw me was around Christmas when I was helping with my group, The “Love Day” Family.

I didn’t know I was in a hole because I was still creating and still trying to find ways to help myself out of financial woes. I wrote and self published a book of my poetry and photography, I found places to exhibit my photos; I even created a line of Body Scrubs.

I felt like a failure still but in my head, I was busy and trying. My sister took me to a meeting at church and told me to pick a group to work with, and I was drawn to the Youth Group. After going to a couple of meetings, I asked to host one and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. That night I realised that I had to go through the struggles I went through so that I can help others. Later on I remembered something I heard or saw on a meme, and it was “become someone you needed when you were younger”.

I needed a non-judgemental person to listen to me while I talk, and someone to guide me through my thoughts, and someone to keep me positive.

This is WHY I became a Positivity Life Coach.”

Janelle James is a Certified Life Coach. Her Barbados-based business offers professional and patient coaching to help you along your life journey.

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Note: 📝

{“Love Day” 💕 is a charitable drive directed by well-known Barbados-born Songwriter, Producer, and Steel Pannist Extraordinaire Terry “Mexican” Arthur. Beautifully wrapped gifts are gathered and distributed to less fortunate children and families island-wide during December. It’s an annual collective love-driven project, and Janelle helps as a volunteer and team member.}


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