London’s innovative pop-up Book Shop connects faces from all places through a shared love for books

“That van looks soooo cool!”

One of my cherished lifetime friends, Samantha called out as we crossed the car park heading to iMart.

I spun around to take a look, and yep – she was right! It was a unique van originally full yellow, now paint-peeled and looking like the coolest camouflage van you’ve seen in more than a minute.

Samantha was rocking a beautiful red outfit that made a boss accent colour for this trendy yet retro van as a backdrop, and graciously agreed to have some pics taken; something she doesn’t do much, what with running a thriving children’s book business while raising beautiful little ones, and taking care of her beloved family circle.

The seed for “This Is Book Love” was planted in 2016, and in two years, the business has become one of the most sought after book-buying 📚 spots for families around London.

The slogan, “Diverse Books For Children” is an authentic expression of how the mobile business operates and embraces people of all walks of life and faces from all places united through a shared love for books. This is what makes Book Love stand out.

This Is Book Love focuses on a niche that needed attention for quite some time, and the pulse of this love-driven business seeks to connect communities who previously would not have shared similar conversations or gathered in similar spaces. Guests at the bookshop’s booth are met with joy and compassion, and every customer matters.

This Is Book Love – minus the books equals “This Is Love” and in my humble opinion shaped through observation, the books are the bonus and love is at the root of it all.

Samantha travels around London extending a invitation to families who all share a love for the same things: their children, books, and the precious quiet time found in reading. A visit to their Instagram page @thisisbooklove_shows people all made in the same image expressed in many diverse, smiling faces.

Samantha Williams has started a special movement across London; one that highlights Caribbean and diaspora stories, and connects families from all around the globe. The innovative mompreneur was born in London, and grew up in Barbados, later returning to London where she shines with grace.

Samantha Williams ~ enterprising educational entrepreneur and founder of “This Is Book Love.” 📚 + 💕

Track the list of pop-up events, storytelling adventures, and festival features here:

@thisisbooklove_ (with underscore _)on Instagram

Celebrate Samantha

Thanks for joining me for a new page in the “Celebrate A Sister” story.

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