A note to EncourageHer

🌸 Sis, there is a purpose for your life

…and gifts in you designed to shine a light 💡

Yes it gets tough sometimes, and the storms they do come, but don’t you lose hope or be discouraged…be patient with your process, thankful on the journey, faith-filled, and believe – know – that you are blessed and you were and are created on purpose FOR a purpose…no matter how you may feel, what you may have heard, what you look like, where you’re from, whatever you perceive you have, or even how long it takes for you to realize it...you matter…and that doesn’t change. The Love that’s been embedded in and gifted to you is like no other – it’s an everlasting cover…it’s an unbreakable thread that is the very connective tissue of you…

No matter what you’ve thought, what you’ve done, where you’ve come from, or when you acknowledge it, you are perfectly loved…not because of anything any of us has done or can ever do…but by the life-saving gift of amazing grace. Now tell me who’s not blessed? Who’s not loved? Let me tell you; not you…for you are loved.


Take a deep breath

(like all now…I’ll wait) …

When last do you remember taking one? Well, let’s go again. Take another deep breath; treat your mind to it…and make a moment to be still and be thankful…just be – thankful…even if this process starts with a frown on your face…just begin…start giving thanks…and let the Light in…inhale that glow…and let it resonate through the talents lovingly – purposefully sown in you…shed doubt and embrace faith…you are gifted…so plant seeds of creativity…water and nurture them with love, joy, service and perseverance…and brighten the space you’re in through the gifts 🎁 you’ve been so graciously granted…

None of us is perfect or has it all together at all times (certainly not me) – that’s why we’re called to motivate and encourage each other.

We all show grace and share love in different ways, but there is value in each expression of care, appreciation, and support. Someone you know needs a word of compassion through you; someone’s loved one just transitioned; they may appreciate a call or hug. Someone you work with (and may not even like) may be going through a heartbreaking something that you’ve already breathed beyond. A neighbour may be in need of a Sunday meal. Someone who shares the same home as you is learning about grace through your words and walk. The girl on social media who posted a graduation pic that hasn’t yet gotten any likes, send her a DM and show some love. Celebrate with her. It’s not about giving a surface-level ‘pep-talk,’ but rather showing compassion and appreciation.

Inspired drawing while listening to a ‘Flourish Women‘ video from their recent conference.

Each of us matters, and was created and is here for a reason that goes way beyond our own ambitions, talents and fancies…and we are created to gather yet be set apart from the crowd. At times, when we gather there may be moments of euphoric laughter…in other moments, floods of tears, and at other times joyful celebration and shared smiles.

So sister, if you are in a season of celebration I am happy for you, and sister if you are pressing forward through a storm, we send oceans of compassion to you.

Have you downloaded the First 5 app yet? Well, it’s a daily stream of godly teaching and prayer-filled encouragement, that connects women from all over the globe and reminds us to be strong in the Lord, cling to His Word daily, and pray for others as well as ourselves.

Let’s not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help or faith-filled encouragement along the way, instead of putting up appearances for others who share the same or similar struggles if only we knew. The ‘super-heroine’ gig is up. Even ‘superheros’ portrayed on tv/online have a support network. We’ve all had cape-rockin; moments, and though that’s something to celebrate, it’s not the sum of who we are. Sometimes, a little reminder – a kind word – thoughtful deed – unannounced gesture of generosity goes a long way to encourageHer…remind her…that she matters. Let’s pray for not prey on each other.

Remember – you ARE a gift, so go be a blessing ✨ today.

These are for you 💦 💐

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