New blog name: Joy with~In

Hi there, hope you’re enjoying a light day.

A little note to share on the new name. I’ve been pondering for a bit, on how to transition the title to something that more accurately reflects the essence of what you’ll find here. Since you’ve joined me on this gratitude journey and blossoming community of celebrating sisters, you already know how essential joy is to wellness and perseverance along this life walk we’re on.

More and more, I hope and pray that full joy becomes a part of my essence…not an intermittent kind of glee that’s like a flickering blip that comes up on the radar when something you wanted to happen happens…not a smile that comes when you get a material gift…
a higher joy…a deeper joy…a grace-filled joy... a joy that is rooted in the Lord and exists on purpose; one that will not be shaken, moved, shattered or stolen…
a joy that is both quiet and internal + active, vibrant and shared. It’s a joy that’s tender and true yet this joy is tough enough to kickbox a challenge; this joy defines an overcomer saved by grace. Does that mean you’ll find perfection here? Nope; this is a work-in-progress journey right here but you’re welcome to join the gratitude adventure and sister celebration that’s taking place on the blossoming blog. Thanks mucho, and stay tuned for more encouragement notes, invitations to enjoy serenity moments, homecooking recipes. 💦

I’ve done some re-decorating so have a look around and be sure to read the stories featured in the ‘Celebrate A Sister‘ series.

On that note,

Welcome to ‘Joy with~In’

Thanks for visiting!

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2 thoughts on “New blog name: Joy with~In

  1. Hey,
    I’ve been feeling the same thing about joy. Seems to never be something that lasts with me, and I would never describe myself as a joyful person.. even though others frequently do. We used to be very close, and it’s sad that we can’t communicate like we used to. But I trust that the memories will remain, and true love doesn’t fade over time.
    I know you’ll find the joy you’re seeking! I love you ❤️.

    1. Hi Meekis, great to hear you and to read your comment. You’re very right; love doesn’t fade. Sending some to you now. As I shared in the post, I have found the joy that surpasses circumstances and isn’t defined by ‘highlights,’ but is rooted in the essence of love…and God is love. We can always connect and send a message or make a call or visit to say hi. I was searching…was lost, and found a joy rooted in the Lord. It took awhile and some were praying for me even when I wouldn’t have, hear or accept it. Soooo grateful for grace. Have a read over when you get a moment. The beautiful and amazing thing is this joy isn’t exclusive or accessible to any one person; it’s a joy that multiplies, resonates and grows…and God’s love is showered on us all whether we acknowledge or love Him…imagine that! Now that is LOVE, mercy, and grace. I’m so happy for all your strides and celebrations; keep shining! Love love

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