Easy-to-prep & snack or mini-meal


Hiya, do you agree that everything doesn’t always need to be a big production in the kitchen – or in general, for that matter. Well, here’s a flavor-filled, layered collage of edibles set in an easy-to-make Mexican style mini-meal that sweet for movie-night or a  gathering of friends.

I made this recently, and thought to share pics of the presentation to give you ideas of ways to add some panache to your plate the next time tortilla chips happen to be in your kitchen. Did you see the post earlier up on the blog that shared my black bean recipe? Well, that one comes in handy to make up part of this recipe. I invite you to be creative with adding elements to enjoy with your giant chips. The contents I used are just a scroll away to jumpstart some ideas.


What to get to prep this mini-meal:

1 bag of low-salt tortilla chips

1/2 cup of boiled plain rice 

1 can of black beans (my preference is Goya)

2 medium diced tomatoes (for salad & salsa)

fresh herbs (basil, thyme, parsley)

1/5 red pepperimg_1737

cheddar cheese (I bought a cheese & salsa blend)

1 egg (fry and sprinkle with salt n’ pepper)

1/2 diced cucumber

1 handful of shredded lettuce 

salt, black pepper, paprika

1/2 chunky-diced sweet pepper

You can use the chip itself to slice and scoop the fillings and toppings, or add a fork to the mix.
Choose ingredients that blend well together. One or two accent flavours add a nice zing, whether sweet or tangy…something tangy like a hint of mango chutney, juicy like a ripe tomato, sweet like corn, or salty like green olives. Make the egg crunchy for a nice texture, rice plain in order to highlight the more potent flavours, beans spicy for a bonus to scoop up and enjoy with your tortilla chips. Remember to set your toppings and garnishes in the middle or to the side of the plate, so your chips don’t get all smooshy. The crunchier the chip and warmer the dip, the better. Feeling inspired to include other ingredients? Feel free to write and share. Enjoy!

Ciao for now, and thanks for reading!


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