The key connection between children & parents

Y’all, this post is on a sensitive topic, but I really am not comfy with being silent on it. A dear online friend and sister in the faith brought the topic to my attention minutes after I’d made an insta post about choosing joy. Right then, when I was focused on being joyful, an update that triggered sadness came up. Instantly, I was reminded that this life isn’t only (or even) about me and every day, prayer is necessary.

I’m talking about this situation with children being separated from their parents at the border of the States. With no political affiliation and not all the information, I’m still compelled to share a little something here. Though the umbilical cord is cut at birth, the connection between child and parent lasts a lifetime, and beyond…traveling through the DNA of that family stream.

It’s heartbreaking to find out that little ones are being isolated from their relatives. Can you join in prayer for these families who must not only be afraid, but are also in a troubling situation and very likely in need of hope.

On a very special day dedicated to daddies, let’s ponder on the ones who are surely longing to be reunited with their little ones right now, as well as those whose papas have passed on.

There are so many things in the world I do not understand, and a lot that warrants a good shaking of the head and flailing of the arms, still there is hope that wrong will be set right and love will prevail…because y’see, “love never fails.”

Love and compassion, and being a voice for those who need one, is a part of the calling.

Can you take a moment today to consider them and show compassion through prayer…. ?🙏🏼

A quiet thank you to the amiga that brought this to my attention. It’s a reminder to live in love, and sometimes that entails pressing pause on celebrating the moment…to take a moment…make a step…and reach out to share compassion, show consideration, speak up for justice, reach out in love, and join hands in prayer.

Every day in some way, there is someone – some ones growing through struggles of many kinds. At one point of another, we’re all faced with crises and challenges on this journey that’s not designed to be all flowers, sunrises, and skipping through green fields. Encouragement is essential.

My hope is that this can grow into a space where we gather to celebrate, encourage, and uplift one another through kind words, shared resources, forward-thinking ideas, rivers of prayers, and generous, genuine deeds.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this…

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