A Visit To Ball Park ~ outdoor adventure

It was once a marine park in Barbados, and now is a popular yet refreshingly quiet rehearsal venue for top bands springing from the island and mini-golf spot.

Today at rehearsals with Spice & Co. (for Barbados On The Water” in Toronto this weekend), I went on a little adventure around the area, and discovered quite a few serenity spots sprinkled around the large property. Here are some pics and clips from that walk.

I’m not sure yet what flower this is; anyone know? It’s huge, and the petals are so delicate and soft.

This stone structure used to be a housing for the dolphins 🐬. It’s now naturally decorated with greenery. As soon as I struck a pose to take this pic, a baby hummingbird zipped by for a moment. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[
coconut trees

The thing is: band rehearsals can be loud, and yes – it’s fabulous to hear sweet music at full volume… it’s also really refreshing to enjoy moments of quiet with visuals of serenity, and tune in to peace within.

Here’s an invitation to join me on a Peace Challenge, starting now right where you are, for one week – then another day, and another day, and another gifted day…

Let’s let that serenity spring from within (as gifted from above), and let’s resonate and share it along the way, fully aware that it’s only by grace that we’ve been granted peace.

So whether your day entails loads of conversations, meetings, and to-dos…whether your surroundings look like green trees, endless sand, or mountains of buildings, or the sky above you is baby blue, misty pink, egg yolk yellow or soft grey, take a moment to tune into the serenity around by inviting peace within…and that peace comes from Him.

John 14:27

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