The Bright Side: staying hopeful on a grey day

The other day, I was on an evening walk. By the time I was heading home, the sky was visibly transforming from rich sunset to almost-nightfall fluently, like the “push” transition on iMovie, and as I was making my way across a small pasture, about mid-way through I realized the path in front of me was undetectable.

With one foot poised in the air, ready to take the next step, I hesitated, and all of a sudden, felt like I had no idea where the actual footpath was. And it mattered, because if I stepped forward off-side, there were ’nuff scratchy brambles and a huge thorned bougainvillea hedge to deal with. Not the worse thing in the world, but not too appealing just then. I’d walked this path before, and know it well enough to step forward, align with the footpath, and navigate the road by the streetlight, but just then – in the near-night…my foot paused, and mind took a moment to acclimatize and consider the next step.

Even though I was already on course, and aligned with the path to the road, hesitation intervened in the dark.

Not afraid – more so intrigued and slightly amused, I decided to take a firm step forward in faith. Not spurred on by a confidence in myself, but resting and standing in the promise declared in Jeremiah 29:11. At that exact moment, a huge beam of light flashed into my eyes and surrounded the area like a spotlight.

A bus had turned onto the road up ahead, and the lights were at high beam – so bright, I couldn’t see anything but it. I was jusssstttt about to take a step beyond the shadowy area, when the light came and pierced through; sooo brightly it stunned me…my eyes sprung open like dancing jellyfish, and that pre-planned step was punctuated by a moment of amazement and realization of my smallness…not to the bus, but to the Creator, to Whom stars and planets are very likely tinier than minute grains of black pepper and sand in His magnificent, righteous hand. That One so great cares for us who are so small – One so perfect and powerful is so patient….One Who is the very definition of upright yet encourages us to lean on Him, be strong in Him, and cast our cares and burdens on Him…One with a magnificent, heavenly portfolio of signs, wonders, and miracles still counts our tears, listens to our prayers, knows the number of hairs on our head, and the number of our days on this earth…just blows my mind, fills my soul with wonder, and pours gratitude into my under-construction heart.

The bus screekzed its way up the road, facing me – and the circle of light was pronounced  If no one onboard had noticed someone standing at the side of that pasture, there was no hiding now. The light revealed all and transformed the scene.

Ooooo the grace of God, and how His Light shines on us! What a gift to let that Light shine through us so that others may glorify Him.

I want to always be in awe of His love, light, mercy, and handiwork and to let my words learn to walk and take wings, with His help. I hope to be more compassionate and patient with others who are on their own walk.

It took less than 10 seconds for the bus to emit that light, but God – is beyond time, not confined to or defined by it. His Light shines continually and His love is everlasting. Today, and each gifted day, let’s let His light shine on and through us, so others can find hope even in gloomy situations, and give Him the glory.

The next morning, references to light were the focus points of each devotional I read and studied. Sharing a few verses to encourage you {John 1:5, John 8:12, Matthew 5:14, Matthew 5:16} along with a little reminder that I am sooo a work in progress and learning how to love the Lord through words, ways, and walk. As for wisdom, we only have to ask Him and He generously gives without finding fault.

Still, I limp, waddle, pout, and drag my feet at times…grateful for His patience – longing to please Him knowing that nothing I could ever do can influence the degree of His love and the pouring of grace. Unlike a certificate or degree you study and strive for, the blessing of grace is given out of a mercy no man can comprehend or not one (including myself) deserves. It’s understandable that it’s tough to understand. It is truly beyond us, yet gifted to us.

Whatever you may be going through, you focus on the bright side…take a deep breath (more if needed)…pray, and wait on the Lord…the light always shows up ’cause it’s always there…it’s for us to step up in hope…into alignment, and let that light shine on and through us – to others. Where one is dim, another shines and reminds the other to continually seek the Light.

have a bright day

whatever comes

remember the Light is always there, always on, with arms wide open, and love overflowing…pouring rivers, oceans, waterfalls of living water to wash away, heal, restore, mould, and bless


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