Moving to a new home in 7 steady & somewhat sweaty steps

Moving can require a lot of energy, but it can also be a muscle-building, clutter-busting power workout and decorating adventure. It isn’t that I’ve gotten moving ‘down to a T,’ or that it’s a sweet walk in the park, but as a girl, my family moved 5 times, and since then (in between lots of travel time) I’ve lived in a few houses, apartments, and been offered some houses to tend to.

Interesting fact: as a landowner, one would ask why in the world would rent be a part of this conversation. I’ll share more on that soon but the 2 plots of land are actually in a water zone (and prime location) so there’s a bit of a political pause on that so…on we go.

by: Indra

The 7 steps in this post have helped me through the moving process, with joy still bubbling and countless moments spent cleaning and beautifying. It’s not that they’re easy, but they don’t have to seem overwhelming. Listen to the podcast recording HERE

If you have a move coming up, and want to shed a few pounds in the process, what you’re about to read may be of interest:

  1. Live lightly ~ everyday home maintenance and house moving can be stressful. After arduous searching for the ideal space within your existing budget and located in your desired location, the mere idea of having to pack up your complete entourage of belongings and traipse them across the land to a whole other place, can seem a bit overwhelming. Living lightly is an invitation to create some breathing room amidst your possessions…and mind… Every thing requires maintenance: the more things, the more things to consider and tend to. Question Time (get a pen and paper or typing thingie to jot down your answers): How much space do I actually need – how many rooms would I like, and what’s the purpose of each room? – What about storage? How much do I make use of what I have, and how much more of a benefit could x or y be to someone who may be in need of x or y? (List 7 items you can gift away, and 3 people or places to gift them too.)
  2. Give thanks for where you are right now (before the move, regardless of the circumstance) and for how far you’ve come, sis. Live in calm, joyful expectation about where you are going…where you are growing. Yep, nerves are gonna come, and yep, they’re not fun. But fear not. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. Take a deep breath, and start filtering your belongings, placing them into categories (e.G: SHOES, VASES, CLOTHES, TOILETRIES.) Neatly set them somewhere in groups (sort by packing requirements/room assignment) out of the way. Lining them up out of your default walking path makes them less of an annoyance, and takes away any feelings of intimidation they might trigger.
  3. Gather durable boxes, old newspapers, duffel bags, and suitcases at least 2 weeks in advance. Get something pretty for your new home at the same time, so you bring home something bright too. Dust or clean the storage items out, and set them in a dry area. Grab some masking tape and mark either the boxes or the grouped items – whichever ‘makes your boat float.’ Wrap any breakables in an old newspaper (or that beige thickish plain paper I don’t yet know the name of) to eventually place in bubble-wrap or a tape-sealed box 📦 . Meanwhile, make or buy some ideally environmentally-friendly disinfectant essentials, and things like a 1) broom 2) mop 3) dustpan & hand-broom combo 4) yard broom 5) rake 6) clean bucket 7) sponge, wetex, scrubbing brush etc.
  4. Clean ~ like you’re training for the sweeping-mopping, floor-scrubbing-cupboard-dusting-counter-wiping national championships. Create an inspiring ambience while cleaning, whether that’s in quiet prayer, all-pumped and exhilarated – ready for the new move, or as a slow dance to inspirational music that encourages you through the process and reminds you of His promises. Apply this same method when cleaning you new space. Hey – remember, no need to be frazzled. You’ll get through this. Take it frame by frame – step by step. Start with one room, then another…and another. Beautify each section of your space, and put some love in it. That always helps. Ask for help, and it will be given.
  5. Ensure all utility bills and rent are settled and accounted for before you move. Consider the landlord or lady as how you’d like to be considered if tables were turned. If not in a financial position, have an honest conversation and let them know, but do your very best to settle all bills before leaving a space.
  6. Decorate ~ Whether you’re moving to a petite studio, a small and quaint house, or a massive mansion, beautifying your space creates a welcoming ambience to live in, come home to, or invite others to enjoy. Happiness isn’t about things (see Matthew 6:19) are like bubbles that appear and pop as fast as they came – disposable earthly treasures, but still, there is something to be said about a home that’s decorated with joy, love, pretty things, and space to appreciate them. Prompts (time for your notes – what’s your decor style): Maybe a few well-placed houseplants and watercolour paintings are right for you, or a caterpillar-row of pastel pillows on bright furniture is your thing – are you a flower person? – into more of a coastal decor theme? – have a favourite colour, or a combo of colours? Are you by the sea, in the city, or the countryside? What kind of look and space design aligns with you and your family? A row of mason jars on the kitchen counter or no? You can find loads of helpful decor tutorials and ideas on YouTube if you need any skilled advice and visual references.
  7. Breathe…and celebrate. Stress is a global thing, and it can be contagious. Wellness is key. Remember to breathe, and believe you can do this. Moving solo, duo, or as a family? (By the way, and pretty importantly – this info is solely meant for movers age 18 and over. This can in no way ensure happiness at any location; it’s an invitation to of-age adults responsibly preparing for a move to a new home. Alright; that said – on with the post.) Know your individual and collective skill set. Sometimes labels suck, but being honest about our strengths and weaknesses helps moving teams set feelings aside and focus on the mission. Sooo, are you a picky packer? If so, it might be best to do your thing so you’ll stay as calm as possible at the packing stage. Who’s the heavy lifter? And the super organized one? The latter can help the former by making sure everything’s packed according to relevant (fragility) requirements, marked by category, and positioned in a spot that’s easiest for the heavy-lifter to grab n’ go. Do you need to hire a professional team for the larger items?

This isn’t a DIY post; it’s a J-O-Y one. The most peaceful path is the ultimate aim. Once you’re up for it, and looking forward to an intense workout and packing-cleaning-decorating challenge, get ready to do some serious squats while you hef’ boxes full of crockery, and lunge up and down steps with jam-packed duffel bags balancing on your head!

Feel those bi-n-triceps pumps as you sweep and mop that floor, working those obliques! Tighten up those arms and wipe those windows left to right like a traffic cop. Sweat is gonna be your friend when you’re preparing to move. All those required glasses of water per day – way easier than before – and that’s a bright bonus for the skin. I just got a welcome reminder and went through this regime, and am so refreshed.

Fill your home with a sweet aroma.

Sprinkle some lemon 🍋, wild orange 🍊 or lavender 🌿 essential oils 💧 around the new space…boil some bayleaf with spice, light a scented candle, or brew some cafe ☕️ . Make it welcoming. If moving were your business, how would you be likely to approach it? There’s a mover in you – growing is a part of what we do.

Take it one step at a time, and enjoy the journey. i hope these 7 steps can help someone preparing for a move to a new casa, in a way that feels light, even during the heavy-lifting parts. Enjoyyy…and when you get to the other side, you go ahead and take a long refreshing shower, and treat yourself to a hot cup of tea. Rest your feet for a moment, and celebrate.

Have any helpful moving prep-steps of your own to encourage someone else reading this, or are you inspired to share a point i might’ve missed in this post? Comment and let us know.

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