Jewelry Designer, Nisha Doughlin answers her calling with Metah Designs

Hey beautifuls, it’s time for a new feature in the “Celebrate A Sister” series, so y’all know there is a bright smile on my face right about now.

Meet entrepreneur Nisha Doughlin; she’s the owner of Metah Designs (pronounced ‘mee-tah’) joining us from Trinidad & Tobago. Nisha took a leap of faith and started her own business that springs from her gifted creativity, and is inspired by her love for the Lord.

Bead woven Flower
A jewelry designer from beautiful Trinidad & Tobago. Join Nisha’s creative journey on Instagram @metahtt

In this podcast feature, our special guest today shares the fruit of her entrepreneurial venture, and offers precious, proven gems of encouragement for those who desire to start an enterprise.

Listen to our conversation here

7:30 mins.

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I knew I wanted to help women – in particular, and young girls to feel good about themselves – to overcome issues with low self-esteem, or feeling devalued or under-valued, or not really recognizing their worth…and so, how I went from that to getting into jewelry really is God…He is the one that pointed me in this direction…”

“Over the last couple of 7 – 8 months, I’ve been doing a lot of local pop-up markets – pop-up shops. I’ve done some classes, teaching people how to bead-weave. Apart from designing, I would really like to equip women with the skills to do this – if they want to make this as a career (making jewelry and selling.)

One of the key things is to know that this is something that God is telling you to do. (It may not be the right time, if you’re working full-time.) I’m not gonna lie and tell you this has been easy; it has been really a walk of faith for me to keep going…to not give up, and that’s key.

Once you start this, you have to dedicate time, you have to dedicate energy – you have to dedicate your mind and be committed to this process ’cause it’s not gonna happen overnight, and really be dependent on God to open the doors for you and to create avenues for visibility – for success.

One of the things that happened to me recently is, I’ve gotten connected to one of our local (T & T) designers – her name is Meiling. She has been a part of the Trinidad fashion industry for over 40 years, and God has connected me with this woman in a way that blows my mind. She is willing to kinda take me ‘under her wing,’ and I really appreciate this kind of connectedness that He’s given me with people who’ve been in the industry who can help solidify and help move my career forward.

For those of you guys, and any of you ladies out there struggling, or wondering…or are unsure of whether you want to continue your business…

don’t give up – nothing comes easy – nothing comes without work – nothing comes without commitment.

Just continue moving…one step at a time – one foot in front of the other, and just keep doin’ what you love…”

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All featured photos by Nisha Doughlin


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